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03 November 2009

Wright Rails Again

Today while listening to the radio, I happened to hear some of the statements that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright made about our country. I have never heard a Christian pastor talk the way that man does. At the risk of being politically incorrect, I am going to try to be very delicate because I feel nothing but true pity for this man. He seems to have missed the whole concept of this country and on the shoulders this generation now stands. It is hard for me to believe the words I heard come out of his mouth, and it is also hard for me to believe that President Obama never heard the messages he preached after being in his congregation for 20 years. If this had been a conservative saying these things, our state-controlled media would have been screaming. If Mr. Wright does not love this country (this country has made him millions!) and hates capitalism the way he does, I think he should move to some third-world country where maybe he thinks they will tolerate his hateful speech. It seems to me he does not appreciate the rights he has or the blood that was shed for his rights.