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30 September 2009


First of all, I would like to apologize for my hiatus -- this semester has been very busy for me. However, it's given me time to think about Licentia Loquendi and my purpose as a writer here. I've decided to focus more on the college aspect of life in my writings.

Second of all. Why has this semester been very busy for me? I've been taking a class on journalism, which I believe I'm finally beginning to understand. I had started off the semester earning poor grades, but am finally earning higher marks. That, coupled with the fact that my professor never fails to make some sort of degrading comment against conservatives, left me very frustrated in regards to the journalism field. Then there was my foreign policy class. I must admit that we are finally starting to learn about foreign policy (sort of). Since I'm no expert, it's difficult for me to discern lies from the truth, and I find it unfortunate that such discernment is even necessary in regards to professors. If you've not seen "An American Carol," I highly suggest it. The scene about colleges and universities is completely true.

28 September 2009

Crazies Glow In The Dark

With Obama calling for the annihilation of nuclear weapons, a new nuclear threat arises. Iran has completed the last tests of its surface to surface missiles; the range of the Shahab -3 is capable of delivering a payload to Israel and parts of Europe. Wow, this does not come as a surprise to me. With the Ayatollah still having too much power (everyone say thank you to Jimmy Carter (who is “advising Obama)(this should raise some eyebrows) and his drunk brother Billy) anything could happen. If anything I believe that we should still have nukes. The reasoning is the knowledge and technology to build them is here, so if we get rid of them how do we know that another despot in places like Iran isn’t hiding his in the desert? It’s like if we took away all of the law abiding citizens guns, then only the criminals would have them.
From the reports these missiles are using solid fuel which shows the sophistication of them. With solid fuel the missiles are much more accurate, so instead of hitting the factory they can hit the school or vice versa. Now let’s think about this; we have had sanctions on Iran every year since 1979, what has this changed? All it does is make them madder than they were at us in 1978, other than that nothing has changed. One of the current reasons that we continue to sanction them is that they harbor Hezbollah, did we ever think that the reason they allow Hezbollah is that we have these sanctions on them and they want to use them as a means to fix that? So let’s take care of this the old fashion way; we’ll bomb their uranium plants, we can make it look like an accident, or just drop a couple bombs from a plane and accept responsibility for our actions. This is a reasonable approach, since they themselves pose a threat to national security, and some nuclear material just might make its way into the hands of Hezbollah or another group. If we destroy the plants like that there would be minimal loss of life, and it would take care of the threat without a large amount of dead and then maybe it will show them that we mean business. All of this talk about talking makes me sick. Have you ever heard the phrase lost in translation? Besides if we show them that we are not afraid to take action then maybe they will stop, obviously talking and sanctions hasn’t worked because we have been doing the same thing for thirty years and there has been no change.
The United Nations is supposed to be a way to peaceably prevent things like this from occurring, yet it doesn’t. I believe the reason is that the Iranians think that since everyone else has one why can’t we? It’s kind of like Rosie O’Donnell saying nobody should have guns, yet she has bodyguards that are packing heat. Next what gives somebody from another country the right to tell me what I can and cannot do? To be honest I think we should get out of the U.N. for the same reason. We already have enough problems with a federal government stepping on the toes of our home states and growing too big for their britches, and now we want an international group to pass laws for our own good. This unifying body whores out the U.S. to fight wherever they want us and nobody else participates. If we are to be in something like that it should be that the burden is shared instead of thrown to us because we are capable. Our founding fathers thought that it was wrong to be governed by a tyrant three thousand miles away; granted the U.N. building is in New York, but the people are not Americans governing Americans, they are random bureaucrats from all over the world trying to take away our guns, and do whatever else to us that would make us subjects like in their countries.
So now that a second whack job has nukes in the past couple months we are more than likely going to put stricter sanctions on them, and talk………… I mean scold them. As a kid a scolding, lecture, or talking to was not nearly as feared as a good spanking. What we need to do is grab by the hair bend them over our collective knees and beat the tan their hides with the switch we made them cut themselves. That is a universal language that everyone understands. Talking will lead to more talking lots of frustration and no effective change.
Nuclear weapons are not a nice thing to do to somebody, but on occasion I think some might deserve it. But they have done some good things such as prevent wars and more loss of life, when have two countries with nuclear weapons fought each other in a direct conflict? Whenever something like Cuba happens at all costs they work to prevent an actual war from breaking out. That is generally a good thing. So maybe they aren’t so bad after all, but still a necessary evil.

25 September 2009

The Enda Justifies The Meanies

Imagine walking into a Christian bookstore with your children to purchase a bible, you pick it up and go to pay for it when you look at the (what you are assuming is a guy) and are shocked to see it wearing a pink shirt with a rainbow that says gay pride on it. Is this not odd? I would be shocked and not go there again. But this may very well be happening in the near future.
The Employment Non- Discriminatory Act was supposed to be voted on this past Wednesday, I have yet to find out if this has happened yet. The bill was originally backed in 1994 by none other than the drunken Ted Kennedy, it died in a subcommittee every year. This year they think things are going to be different; Obama himself gives his seal of approval. The bill basically forces people to hire gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. This time around though they have added a part that gives transsexuals and people that either don’t know what they are, or can’t decide. This applies even to religious institutions. So if your church votes on potential pastors, the government may just force you to hire the guy that preaches in drag. Is this right? I think not, one of the reasons that people came to America was religious freedom, and now they are basically trying to take this away from us. If this is passed and you want a job all you have to do is show up and act like an interior decorator and you’ll be guaranteed a job.
Another bill that I find similar in a couple of ways is the Fairness Doctrine; this is so that way the people can hear both sides of the argument. Wait, if I am listening to El Rushbo that is because I want to hear that side of the argument not what Nancy Pelosi has to say. What this is is a way for them to silence the opposition. If you’ve noticed the cause for every right wing thing is Rush Limbaugh, because he is against almost everything they stand for and what they try to accomplish. This is their way to silence him and all of those like him. The liberals have no voice; we on the other hand have numerous: Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Mike Gallagher, and Rush Limbaugh. Who does the left have, Alan Colmes? If they ever do get this passed all shows will be like this, the conservative talking, and the liberal acting like a tool bag, and never being able to say anything because they have no solid base. Every time I watched Hannity and Colmes, Colmes hardly ever said a word. If they base what is “fair” on how much both sides are shown, there will be no talk radio. We listen to that because we choose to listen to it.
We have them scared. They are trying to infringe upon our rights and quiet the voice of reason. Chances are that you never heard of these bills, but they have been around for a long time. But you haven’t heard of these, because they know how we’ll react. What else are they trying to do under the radar? The people are finally starting to act, but not enough.

24 September 2009

Honey, Bring Me the Sears Catalog

One of the worst events that a person can experience is when they are driving over a long distance. Everything is going fine until those three cups of coffee and that lousy burrito inside of you decide to take a nose dive into your small intestine without solidifying. With nowhere to turn but a lone truck stop in the middle of nowhere. You run in without giving a thought to the fact that the toilet that you are about to sit on is probably going to give you diseases that nobody has even made up an unpronounceable name for yet. You were lucky this time. You barely got your britches down and started to sit down when you had a major blow out. The pure liquid burrito burns as all of that acid from the hot sauce passes through your buttocks. After the initial shockwave has come to pass, there is a slight lull; you know more is coming, so you wait it out. To pass the time you read the random graffiti on the walls, ranging from the usual for good time call………… to the one that you never saw before: Bathroom tennis! Look left, look right, and the most shocking: the cameras are for research purposes only, please conduct your business as usual. Then that random air plug that holds it all in is released as the sound waves reverberate from the hopper, much like a guitar and in a satisfying plop, the rest comes out. Now satisfied that it all came out alright, and a giant snake didn’t craw up between your legs you go to grab the toilet paper, yes, you know the kind, that cheap single ply that you could use for sand paper and is about as thick as an atom. You start wiping and before you know it you just poked a hole through the tp and now you’ve got doodoo all over your hands. To make matters worse, when you reach for more to finish the job and wipe your hands off, there is no more.
What I have just described is going to be a fact of life if some liberals and environmental mental cases get their wish. According to them America is destroying the planet by using two ply toilet tissue. I know, this is ridiculous, but it is true. You know what’s worse than two ply tp? Three ply! Yes some companies are now making three ply toilet paper. Because of this the world is being destroyed because we wipe our butts. Remember a couple of years back, Sheryl Crow made a big deal that she was going to save the planet by only using one sheet of toilet paper at a sitting. I wonder how that is going for her. I’ve got a few words for her: Viral Gastroenteritis, what we in the medical profession jokingly call poopy fingers. Because if you have it, it means that somewhere down the line you got fecal material on your hands and somehow ingested it, so as a result you’ve got the poops and pukes. Another consideration is the fact that she is a she, and that means they need a little extra tp at times, so you mean to tell me that she is going to continually give herself an urinary tract infection to set an example and save the planet? What about those little poo particles that you miss with the first swipe, are you just going to leave them there, and smell and/ or get diaper rash?
I have heard multiple times over the years that there are more trees on this planet now then when Columbus got here. There are vast forests all over, but since we like being sanitary we are evil and killing earth. What about the rest of the world? The two billion people in China, that’s a lot of poop. Then of course the Indians have a billion people, but I guess they don’t poop, so either they’re full of it or they are non human reptilian creatures that don’t require sustenance. But they aren’t Americans so they are OK.
Trees are a renewable resource, we cut them down, and in a couple of years they will be back. Example: the entire state of Pennsylvania was clear cut, now there are trees everywhere. So they will grow back. It’s not the end of the world because we cut down a couple of trees. I think the groups behind this waste more paper by existing and trying to convert me to a tree hugging yuppie that thinks the best way to control the population of bears is to put condoms on them. They put flyers on my windshield; I look at them then throw them out. So we’ve eliminated the practicality of what and how we should use tp, so let’s look at other options. Corn cobs, they have been used in the past, I have used them, not on my can, but on cats then poured turpentine on it, so that is a no go. Will in Islamic countries they wet their left hand in a bowel then use their bare hand, remember poopy fingers? So that rules that one out too.
This, ladies, and gentlemen is not practical, let alone safe. If they want to wallow around in their own filth let them as long as I don’t have to deal with it. They should set the example for all of their anti- American propaganda and do as they say would work, like put the rubbers on the bears themselves, for instance. I think that might qualify for a Darwin award. The truth is they must not poop themselves, (for the west coasters that doesn’t mean that they never shart but that they never defecate) because boy, are they ever full of it.

18 September 2009

TR: The Man With THe Really Big Stick

Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong.
Theodore Roosevelt, 1916

The death-knell of the republic had rung as soon as the active power became lodged in the hands of those who sought, not to do justice to all citizens, rich and poor alike, but to stand for one special class and for its interests as opposed to the interests of others.
Theodore Roosevelt, Labor Day speech at Syracuse, NY, Sept 7, 1903 ("Theodore Rex" - Edmund Morris)
Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.
Theodore Roosevelt, Speech in New York, September 7, 1903
When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer 'Present' or 'Not guilty.'
Theodore Roosevelt
Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.
Theodore Roosevelt
To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, right or wrong - is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.
Theodore Roosevelt
Good old Teddy, it wasn’t so long ago that he was our president, and he was certainly a great one. This man had what in today’s current terminology is called: balls. With words like speak softly and carry a large stick, this man didn’t fool around. I found the above quotes of his while searching for another one of his about conservation, and I couldn’t resist posting them. He was president just over a hundred years ago, but what he said then is probably truer today than at any other time in history.
Did he predict today?

I'm From the Government. Can I help you?

Did any of you see Sean Hannity last night? Sean talked about the devastation of farm land out in California where the United States government is refusing water to the farmers. All because of a little 2-inch fish! Currently, California is undergoing a drought and the farmers need this water diverted from the rivers to their croplands. These croplands produce 12% of our nation's food. One has to wonder where the wisdom is in turning off OUR water. Because they are turning off our water, unemployment in this area has nearly reached 40%. Many farmers are losing their farms, because the government is more interested in saving a 2-inch fish than saving American jobs. I guess it's more important that we start importing food from China, and keeping Chinese farmers employed, than our own. I think in 14 months, when the next election comes around, there should be some representatives that should be seeking a new job. We have to remember that these resources belong to the American people, and that they should be wisely used - not abused. That's conservation, not environmentalism, and conservation is much more important than environmentalism. Let's get the politics out of conservation.

17 September 2009

Constitution Day 2009

Ben Franklin was walking down a street the day after the Constitution was signed, and a lady asked him, "Mr. Franklin, what have you done?" And his answer was, "We've given you a democratic republic. Hopefully, you won't lose it." Our Constitution has been around for 222 years, and I believe this document to be divinely inspired. This is not a living document that needs to be changed to our times. And the rights that are guaranteed by it are scriptural. I fear now we have a president that believes our Constitution is a flawed document, and it seems he's doing his best to circumnavigate it every chance he gets. Last Saturday in Washington D.C., my faith in the people of this country was renewed. Mainly because almost everybody in that 2.2 million crowd had sacrificed financially to attend this demonstration. It was the most polite crowd I was ever in, and the people were from every state in the union. It was honestly like there were no strangers - you could talk to anybody. We now have leaders who have demonstrated that the new foreign policy of our country is apologize and retreat. Our latest foreign policy blunder is our sellout of the Poles and Czechs by the cancellation of the missile defense shield for Eastern Europe. This is reminiscent of Neville Chamberlin in the late 1930s, and how he sold out the Czechs to the Nazis. I hope history isn't repeating itself.

13 September 2009

Can You Hear Us Now?

Mad Dog 20/20 & Eun

As we descended onto the landing platform at the Glenmont metro station with our cameras and flags, Mad Dog 20/20 and I, along with four other compatriots who'd traveled with us were slowly surrounded by other flag- and sign-wielding Americans. The metro car was quickly dubbed the "Tea Party Express" and filled with passengers dressed in patriotic garb.
We exited the station at Metro Center alongside people dressed in yellow "Don't Tread on Me" shirts. We stepped onto the sidewalk beside people carrying state flags. Falling into step with the crowd, we merged into the main crowd at Freedom Plaza.

Joining the crowds at 14th & PA Ave.

After a great deal of staring in awe at the number of people (which was steadily growing), Mad Dog 20/20 and I joined the crowds that had begun to march toward the Capitol. Patriots filled the streets as we marched side by side and spilled onto the sidewalks. Parents pushed strollers, the disabled rode in motorized wheelchairs, and some senior citizens stood alongside the street bearing homemade signs.

We chatted amicably and chanted furiously. "USA" and "You lie!" were alternately shouted between strains of "God Bless America" and "My Country 'Tis of Thee." As we passed the Newseum, which happens to have the first amendment inscribed on its wall, people cried, "Read that wall!" The Dome, which once loomed in the distance, slowly grew larger as we neared. People continually joined our no-longer silent ranks from the side streets.

Once we reached the lawn of the Capitol, we swarmed onto the lawn and quickly found standing room or set up blankets and lawn chairs. People filled not only the entire lawn, but spilled into surrounding grassy areas and surrounded the pool in front of the Capitol building. After being told that we could not be on the Mall, crowds responded with, "We own the Mall!" (and extended the entire one-mile length of the Mall).

Rumors of numbers flew through the crowds. Prior to the march, 250,000 - 300,000 were expected. As we reached the Capitol, numbers grew to 500,000 - 1 million. CNN later reported "tens of thousands" -- and they were right . . . if you multiply that a few times (I swear, it seemed like tens of thousands were in line ahead of me for the port-a-potty). The UK's Daily Mail reported "up to a million" -- a number closer to the park service's unofficial estimate of up to 2.5 million. Regardless of the actual numbers, a good number of Americans were present yesterday, from every state. Over 450 buses drove to Washington. One couple from Mississippi Mad Dog and I spoke with had sold their vehicle in order to afford the transportation and lodging. Those unable to attend physically attended in spirit, as over 200 tea parties were held nationally. The people who attended weren't astroturfers. They weren't paid to be there. They made sacrifices. They were real Americans, and they represented the real America. The America our government has forgotten.

Bulemia The Diet That Would Work

Since the beginning of time man has ruled/ governed man. This must have seemed like a natural thing to do; the Israelites begged for a king so that they could be like everyone else. In the animal world they have leaders that gain power through violence, with wolf packs the alpha male is determined by whoever challenges the current alpha male and wins. Why this is necessary is beyond me, what does the alpha male do? Tell them when and where they can’t howl at the moon? How often they can poop in the woods? So in theory we could live in peace and harmony without a leader. But the government is supposed to be there for our protection and betterment, so if we planted crops the government can prevent someone from trying to steal our crops. So it is not needed for survival purposes, but we utilize it for a better living.
The United States government was founded as a republic and a democracy, so we vote on people to represent us and make decisions for us by what is suppose to be a majority election. These people are chosen because they share the same beliefs as we do and we have faith in them that they will do what is in our best interest. So if they do something that the majority of us are against then are they really representing us? The democratic party says that the healthcare bill will pass this coming fall. So let’s go to an authority on finding out what the people think. The Rasmussen polls say that 53% of Americans are against the healthcare bill, over all 70% of Americans are for lower taxes and less government services. I think this should tell you something, the democrats are going to do whatever they please. Last time I checked 53% is over half, but heck, what do I know? (Of course these polls are not 100% accurate, they have never asked me my thoughts, so the best way for this would be to have a national vote) They are failing the people that put them in their power. That is not how a democratic republic is supposed to work. Basically what they are doing is seizing power and telling us what we are to do. They could care less what the people are telling them; “this bill will pass.” If it is in our interest and this important that it gets done why have we waited this long for this bill to come to a vote? If it was in the peoples best interest how come there are some many against it?
The power from any government comes from the people, even in a dictatorship. If we all came together and said no we aren’t doing it then they would have no power. This is something that they are trying their hardest to do, and if they do it you will participate. Because it is evil if you don’t have government health insurance. We need to let them know that we are their boss, I have no idea what makes them think that they are better than we are, that we are that inferior that we will elect them to be tyrants over us. I guess all men are created went the way of the dodo; they were once like us, but I guess making a career out of politics you forget where you came from. Our founding fathers worked really hard to prevent our government from being corrupt, but the people need to help. We can’t let the best and most successful system go bad.
I was reading up on other things when I came upon the GOP website and I found something on there that sums up my beliefs and what is best for us and I think deep down everyone does. Individuals, not government, can make the best decisions; all people are entitled to equal rights; and decisions are best made close to home. This is the cornerstone of the republican platform. What is wrong with this? This is simple and it is how our government was meant to work, instead we have people trying to get an even bigger government. Government is for the majority, why are we paying for an ever growing minority to sit on their cans collecting my money and they are doing nothing but getting wasted off of my money.
Today people view the government as the mommy and daddy and that they need to get all that they can from them even though they are grow adults. This is pathetic, that is not the government’s job. I don’t know where eugenics research, and its cover planned parenthood is in the best interests of the majority of the American people. Yet the tax money, our money is being whored out to whoever or whatever someone claims they need money for. So we fund things like General Motors, I’m a Mopar man, and GM isn’t the only car company so why are we paying for this? Yet everyday money gets shelled out for a bunch of stupid things. When a new company is starting why can’t they raise the money themselves the old fashion way? That’s what everyone did at one point and time so it works and doesn’t make everyone else carry your weight and have to pay even more later while getting nothing in return. Common sense should prevail.
The federal government was set up as a weak central government to unify the states, so that way states had most of the power. This keeps the government small so that the power truly comes from the people. But somewhere down the line this was forgotten by enough people that a war was started causing many people to die, the side that won was the side that forgot, and as history shows, it’s the winners that write history. They perverted the true cause to justify what happened, but the truth is still there. It was the War Between the States. The war started in 1861; it wasn’t until after the battle of Antietam in 1862 that the Emancipation Proclamation was written, so if it was slavery that caused it then why weren’t the slaves freed before it started?
When a government gets big it becomes insecure about itself, that’s when you have secret police, and big brother. Because they know people hate them because they are not doing what a government should be doing. They have nothing better to do. That is no way to live, and doesn’t serve in anyone’s best interest except those in power.
So when are we going to stop slaving away for our government? When is it going to start working in everyone’s best interest, and doing what we want it to do? Why does the government tell us what to do? Aren’t we supposed to be telling them? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants- Thomas Jefferson

12 September 2009

Chants of "USA," "Kill the bill" and "You lie!" are filling the air as people shout through megaphones, their words received by enthusiastic crowds. The Capitol building looms before us as we march toward it.

10 September 2009


Mad Dog 20/20 and I will be spending the weekend in D.C. attending a rally at the main gate of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center tomorrow, as well as a march on the Capitol and a rally on Saturday. I will be posting from my phone for as long as I have service and battery power, but I thought I'd post a bit early for Patriot Day.

09 September 2009

Seems Like Yesterday

Eight years ago this Saturday, we were attacked by Muslim terrorists. It just seems funny to me how most people have forgotten what happened that day. I think most people can remember where they were, just like Pearl Harbor. Except, this was worse - an attack on a civilian target with approximately 3,000 dead (Pearl Harbor had approx. 2,400 dead and was a military target). It seems impossible to me that our president, unknowingly, puts people in positions of power (i.e. the czarist positions) who actually agree with our enemies. I think most people have forgotten the sight of people jumping from the burning towers, and our heroes rushing in to save the people they could. Instead, we see faded or no flags, we have people saying in never happened the way it did, and that the U.S. government was somehow involved. I guess I'm just tired of hearing people apologize to terrorists. Sorry for the rambling; I'm just remembering. I hope you remember, too.
We're going to D.C. this weekend for the big tea party. Hope it does some good!

Comparing Apples, To Peaches, To Pumkin pie

My grandparents have this dog, his name is Gershwin. He is a peekapoo or however it is spelled. He is half Pekinese and half poodle. Now they don’t run around saying that he is a poodle because, he isn’t a poodle, he is only half poodle. So what if he is a poodle, at the same time in order to be 100% correct we have to say that he is Pekinese too. Now maybe you see where I’m going with this. So on what ground do they have to stand on when they declare that El Duce or der Furher, messiah or whatever you want to call him, is the first African American president? He is not, he is just as white as black.
This was a simple plot that continues to be in the news with this regime, the race card. First we push the fact that his dad was born and raised in Africa, and we can forget his mother is from little Wichita. This was to capture the minority vote. And if you were against him, you are racist, you’re not voting for him because he is black! Well if we didn’t vote for him because he is black, we could vote for him because he is white. Or we could put on our blinders and not care if he is black, white, chartreuse, mango, mauve, or vermillion. Voting for someone because of their heritage is just as ignorant as voting against them for the same reason. Now they know why I didn’t vote for him.
I remember in Chicago being accused of being racist because I didn’t vote for Obama. Wow, so I’m supposed to feel guilty because I didn’t vote for someone because his daddyo was from Africa? Now is a good time to get a billion bumper stickers and tee shirts printed up that say don’t blame me, I voted for McCain. Under this current logic they are trying to manipulate the American people into adopting the socialized medicine crap by calling anyone against it racist. Just give it up, the sixties have been over for, at the last time I checked at least; forty years. Get over it, I don’t think it matters if you ride on the front of the bus, and as long as I’m not paying for it, you can have your forty acres and a mule, but I doubt if you’d even know what to do with it. They claim that racism is a big problem in America; boy is that ever news to me. People are scared, they moan and groan about all of the injustice, and say that they didn’t get hired because of their race, gender, sexuality, or something. Well did you ever think that there is somebody that is actually qualified, or better qualified for the job?
The L.A. Times just published a headline entitled Obama’s Fast Losing White Voters, why does it really matter? So that someday I might become president, I am going to try and get on even footing and claim that I am Jewish since I have Jewish relatives somewhere in the distant family. That will help me, because I’ll be a minority, and we can just forget that I’m only 3.1457932247215452153111484858524847885215514148506548551484854627241515154184825288485418515187459148451481518451845926458451544855185651825154756589452882154158452654825216515465184515825184651454524655364618475178545178565185815252583638525421418525252562515252% Jewish and the rest whatever else I am. So if you don’t vote for me you are no better than Hitler, you anti- Semitic pig dog! Or maybe I will claim to be a Melungeon and I won’t have to prove the fact or show that I ‘m a U.S. citizen.
Give it up! Forget about it, stop calling him the first African American president when he is just as much white. Forget the race card, don’t feel bad for doing what is right. Remember, every time they point the finger at us, they have four more going back to them.

05 September 2009

Van Jones - A True American Racist

Van Jones, race baiter and communist, is now a member of the Presidential inner circle. A person really has to wonder what's going on. The President has surrounded himself with people that are, seemingly, very unAmerican. Now Van Jones is the new Green Czar and he's in charge of $30 billion. He is not responsible, or accountable, to the public for anything that he does. These people that the President has put in the Czar positions have not been elected or chosen by the public, but they have a vast amount of power. I don't even know if these positions are constitutional. It seems almost like the President wants a "royal court." Now this Van Jones has uttered a lot of racist remarks - "white" this, "white" that. The "white" race seems to be the great satan. This President came into office on a platform of tolerance and, to be honest with you, I'm seeing no tolerance from him or his "court." What would happen if a white congressman or senator would have said the things that this man has said. What would happen? Better yet, if Congressman Charlie Rangle would have said these things, what would have happened? Nothing!! It seems that our representatives are making the mistake of ignoring the people's wishes. What this country needs is term limits. And we have way too many lawyers in congress. We need tort reform, the illegal immigrants have to go (they should have 90 days to clear up their business in this country and then be gone), we have to get back to basic family values, and honest unbiased media must be the order of the day.

04 September 2009

Thoughts From My Throne

Of course with a title like that you are probably wondering if I’m really writing this from the throne of destiny. But of course in loo (I love puns) of time I have decided to utilize the time available for defecation purposes to multi- task. And no, this does not constitute as dirty. So here are some thought provoking thoughts.
Expect Michelle Obama to try getting into politics, she is such a good mother she spends half of her time doing her husband’s job, and doing anything to get her name in the papers , and whatever is left over she uses to say she is taking time off to spend with the little brats. I believe we may have another potential Hillary on our hands. Why else would she be doing things to stay in the limelight? She is using this to her advantage and for what only time will tell. (She can’t be that concerned about her kids if she is still married to him, and she’s never home, also look at what the kids have been hearing at church for their entire lives.)
Buy a gun and learn how to use it. If not you will regret it later and it’ll help boost the economy. The AMERICAN economy. Not some cheap knock off of a Purdey made in Belgium, I’m talking American steel and walnut. No a red rider doesn’t count unless you are using it to launch tooth picks at each other.
Tell people that Michael Jackson’s death is a blessing ; that is one less guy at the park telling the kids he has a lollipop. What did he ever do that was worthwhile? The moonwalk? I think some drunk guy invented that when he came home late as a stylish way to dodge a frying pan. Why does the newsstand still have magazines dedicated to him out where we are forced to look at when searching for actual reading material? I mean look at him, he was like Darth Vader; nobody knows what is man, or in his case it, and plastic. His voice was grating, it sounded like he caught vital parts of anatomy in a coffee grinder. Get over it.
Kennedy, with that family if you aren’t drunk, you’re dead. The greatest thing any of them did for this country was get out of office. Now if we can convince Kerry to get out Massachusetts might finally be a place worth visiting. Expect to see pictures dedicated to the lioness of the senate or whatever it is they want him called.
I saw something very interesting the other day, a green government vehicle. No it was a hybrid. Next thing you know we will be shooting organic bullets at towelheads because it is healthier for them and the planet.
North Korea is going to walk all over us in the next couple of years. They claim they are almost finished with their uranium research, so when they do get finished we will talk with them. Who cares if their missiles can allegedly reach California, (it might do some good) we need to grab them by the throat and kick them in the butt. Talking is the number one cause of war. We pull a Clinton and don’t sweat the small stuff, only for a couple of years later for them to pull something big. Why are we sitting around twirling our thumbs when we should be stopping another looney from having nuclear power? On paper the Korean war is still going on, so we can send troops in with little fuss. (If you are wondering, only a cease fire was signed, so any U.S. troops stationed there, or ships that go nearby can get the medal.) It was a big deal when Castro had nukes parked in his backyard forty years ago, but now, what the hey.
I’m getting flustered thinking of this, I might burst a vessel if I don’t call it quits now. So like toilet paper, the principles that founded this country are getting flushed away everyday by the very turds sworn to protect it. That’s it. Now, if only I can get my roommate to get toilet paper.

03 September 2009

Indoctrination Round II

Just as a forewarning, I intend to rant about my classes so feel free to skip over this entry.

The first week is finally over (I've been wanting to bash my head off of a wall since it started), and I can already say that I agree that Sophomore year is the most difficult. I am currently taking a course regarding journalism, and today my professor was talking about Sarah Palin and her so-called "death panels." He also mentioned Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and their lies -- they're "idiots. I'm not being very tactful here, but it really is idiocy on one level." The best part is that, in the first class, we were required to write biographies of ourselves as writers. I included in my biography that I attended the Glenn Beck show, which enabled me to better understand broadcast media.
Directly after this class, I have a class on Obama's foreign policy. Please note that this class is not American foreign policy, but Obama's foreign policy. And, goodness, we are just in such an exciting time right now, having Obama as president! The class is actually quite informative. I've learned that we knew 9/11 was going to happen, and therefore if the world was just, Condoleezza Rice would be imprisoned. We also deserved 9/11 due to the boomerang effect, because we really can't control people (go figure). This imperialistic war needs to stop! Saddam was really just a dictator like any other. All of the starvation and everything else that occurred in Iraq due to U.N. sanctions was our fault. Also, the "let's roll" story wasn't true, though it's inspiring. It doesn't match up. In reality, people saw ground-to-air missiles launch, and that's what took down the plane in Pennsylvania. No, really.

"Where are we going? Back in time?" -Michael Mallone
"We don't have to. We're at a university." -Gen. Patton
-An American Carol

02 September 2009

I'm a cop!

For the month of August I was at pre-deployment training in Louisianna...and what did I learn? I learned that if I wish to detain anyone or clear a house (unless for my safety) in Iraq I need a warrent...yes..from an actual judge. I'm no cop...I'm army Infantry...a sniper at that! Oh..and if I wish to use a house to snipe out of it needs to be totally empty and deserted. If one person is sitting in that house its "Against the rules in iraq" to use it now. honestly. This war isnt a war anymore...this war is U.S. troops being police officers...and it doesn't help. My first deployment if a terrorist admited some of his wrong-doings we slapped him on the wrist and found him a job...no lie...pathetic...and I'm sorry that my first post is a rant haha

01 September 2009

Laptops for Flat Tops

Every two months, Laptops for Flat Tops is giving away two laptops with webcams to families with deployed family members. Laptops for Flat Tops is sponsored by All-American Direct.

Have We Forgotten?

I guess patriotism has died. Nobody cares any more. We try to take what this country was founded on and use it to line the litter box. They try to switch what has been working for us since the beginning to something that couldn’t last an entire century. We forget the atrocities that happened to our people, and talk and wear hats during the National Anthem. Yet we call ourselves Americans.
All of these statistics about people saying that the war in Afghanistan is a waste of time should be taken out and shot. Has it been so long ago that we forget what those hoggies did to the Pentagon and the World Trade Center? How about the embassy bombings that Clinton didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to step up and put a bullet in that cowards head for? Are all of these people lacking that much cranial capacity that we can’t remember what happened in the past ten years? These people attacked and killed Americans on American soil! And now we are just going to pull up roots and disgrace the memory of all those men and women that gallantly gave their lives and limbs to keep them over there, this makes no sense! Do they hate their country that much? If we don’t fight them there we will fight them here, and September 11th is a day that should have permanently seared that into our hearts and souls for all eternity. If I took one of your children out in the middle of the street and nailed a piece of intestine to a stop sign and chased them with a flamethrower; wouldn’t you want justice? Wouldn’t you want me stopped? Do you want this to happen to somebody else?
They continue to attack us, the same group of people, over, and over, and over again. But we did nothing about it. Sure we tried missile strikes half heartedly, but that rarely gets the targets we really want. The best medicine is boots on the ground. Well if we send more troops over there more will get killed. What are you smoking? A basic fundamental that is taught to 8404 corpsmen is the best medicine is fire superiority, basically if we want less casualties, and deaths we need to be putting more rounds down range. The best way to do this is to have more troops there in action. This can help in numerous ways; it lightens the burden because the job can be spread out among more people. This boosts morale. They don’t have to patrol everyday because there are more people to do it. To better illustrate this I will make smaller example because obviously there are a lot of people out there that can’t comprehend the simple points above mentioned; hence I have to write this. So I will make it simpler. When in a fighting hole it is best to another person in the hole with you, morale. One gets to sleep while the other is the lookout. There is someone to talk to, to pass the time. When needed there are four eyes instead of one. There is an extra rifle to better defend yourselves. With more troops, they can patrol larger areas and cover more ground so that the towelheads can’t run. This will speed things up a bit and that means the troops don’t need to be exposed as long.
Once again we should look at the long forgotten history books. Remember George Washington? He might have done a great deal to get us our independence, but without the help of the French we might be having tea time, and say things like bangers and eggs, and have a weird sense of humor. They stepped in when we needed it so that we could have freedom and democracy. If you can’t appreciate this you need to go to your just disinfected toilet, and drown yourself. This is the same thing we are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq, we could ask France for help; but it’s kind of hard to ask for help when there are secret police. Remember all those stories of Saddam’s torture rooms? Those people lived in constant fear.
Well we had no business in Iraq; there were no WMDs. Oh really? You must have been too young or not a twinkle in your old man’s eye yet, but there was a thing called the Iraq Iran war, where Saddam must of used pixie dust and beer farts instead of WMDs since no one can recall. There was an event that happened much closer to present time called the Gulf War, when U.S. troops found the labs and factories where they were they were making the stuff. Hmmmm, I guess the videos of testing these weapons on the Iraqi citizens were just propaganda made by the global elite to get us to go to war. And my one corps school instructor that was hit by a piece of shrapnel that was coated by some unknown agent that ate his radius and ulna so that now he sets of metal detectors, I guess he was part of this eeeville scheme? Oh and by the way that happened this go around. Fifty years from now some little boy with his Nike sneakers jamming to his American rock and roll on his iPod, kicking a real soccer ball is going to discover after a big sandstorm, a bunch of 55 gallon drums filled with bubonic plague. Think about it; they have an entire desert and we gave them ample time.
So for those of you that still want to moan and complain, just tie a couple cinder blocks to your legs, and make like Billy Joe McAllister. Or leave, we don’t want or need you here.