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24 May 2010

Police Yourselves

Today I was afforded an opportunity that I have not had in a long time, that being listening to El Rushbo! and Sean Hannity, before Rush there was another program that I was not aware of. The little bit I caught before I switched it to 97.9 "The Bear" they were discussing Venus or now more appropriately, "Moon" Williams choice of attire for the French Open. The host was dead set against what clung to her like a dried booger to a nose hair, that was there under the facade of garments. Some woman called in and said "well that's her free speech." Really? What exactly was she saying? So I looked into the matter myself, and was non the less quite disturbed. To me there are only a handful of things she could be trying to say: look at my cellulite! Another thought that comes to mind is the phrase (I apologize but for lack of a better term) a "moose knuckle". Something else that caught my attention was a story about an Onslow County NC man was arrested on one count of crimes against nature, 2 counts of statutory rape, and two counts of indecent liberty's with a child. He was released on bail. The story was he got the girl to smoke marijuana with girls her age, so that she wouldn't tell her parents and then he had his way with her until a neighbor caught him in the act. By now, you are probably wondering what these two incidents have in common, let me enlighten you.
What we are looking at is a moral denigration of our society, from the injustice of the judicial system to showing off your labia in public. For starters I have no time for people that mess with children, especially the very young. They are our future, and they are innocent by the very definition of the word, and when they are molested and raped that ruins them for life, the psychological effects are quite drastic, and they are never the same again. Studies have shown that sexually abused children have a very high likely hood of being criminals, or mentally deranged. The fact that this got is still on the streets until the courts decide his fate is an unsettling thought. I find it very sad that things like this go on in our "civilized" society, and that they are a constant news item. Years ago that wouldn't have been tolerated.
When my grandparents got satellite TV a few years back my grandmother refused to watch All In the Family, because back when it was first on it was viewed as vile, for language and so on. My dad said to her to watch it, because compared to what is on now it is a clean wholesome family show. He had a good point, today isn't yesterday. I look at cartoons now, and wonder what I'm watching, and what age group its meant for because of some of the material. But this shouldn't surprise you, seeing that Obama's "Safe School Czar"Kevin Jennings, is a militant homosexual that has written a forward for a book called "Queering Elementary Education", a book with chapters entitled: Teaching Queerly: Some Elementary Propositions, Why Discuss Sexuality in Elementary Schools? and Locating a Place for Gay and Lesbian themes in Elementary Reading, Writing, and Talking. To make matters worse his suggested reading list for grammar schoolers has some rather explicit material involving anal sex in bathrooms, old guys and little boys and the like. Years ago freaks like this lived in hiding on the fringes of society or kept their unnatural appetites under their hat because if it was found out they were lynched or run out of town. Yet this type of stuff has gotten mainstream, we allow this. That is even scarier.
Now it seems that there has been a habit of calling women sluts, hoes, whores, or whatever. But when you wear an outfit like "Moon" did it's pretty darn easy to see where this stems from. IF you want people to stop calling you things like "slore" then maybe you shouldn't wear a skirt that stops above the beginning of your butt cheek. Just a thought. Now some of you are probably calling for the government to put a stop to things like the pac man outfit that she wore. Truth be told, that's not what the government is there for, society she put a stop to things like that, but even beyond that the family. The family is the basis for how you turn out, they give you a moral compass. What good is it though when when everyone has a magnet in their pockets? Its hard to raise a good moral child when divorce rates are at fifty percent, and illegitimacy is the social norm. We are failing. Every bit of us is, I'm just as at fault as you are for not doing anything. I feel fortunate to have had parents that raised me the way they did, because of that I knew early on what was right and wrong, instead of gray. Because of that upbringing, I'm in the military, while some of my high school classmates are in jail. People see a need for government intervention because society is immoral and families no longer exist. What was once thought of as moral is being called backward, or old fashioned, as a way to manipulate those that deserve respect.
We need to bring back the god fearing family that once was the foundation of the greatest country known to man. The church and a good family are the building blocks of a good society, and a good person, but society can also kill it. If we did that can you imagine how much better off we'd be? What worked for our forefathers can still work for us, it's not like the turning of the calendar pages render it ineffective. Until we do that we will continue down a long evil path that leads to destruction, pain, and sorrow.

18 May 2010

On Stupidity and Swivel Chairs

Somethings seem to be passed down through genetics and through how you were raised. In one of those processes I seem to inherited a hankering to write from my grandfther, be it poems, short stories, whatever. (That might explain what I'm doing now) In one of my grandfathers writings that I read awhile back he thanked the navy for keeping his faher employed during the depression. Forever it seems that the military has always been toted as a guareenteed source of income. People go in and decide to make a career out of it, retire and collect a pension, they do so under the impression that this is inevitable. Not too long ago I was actually kind of glad that I had a guareenteed source of income, unlike those that blew a substancial amount of money on college, only to graduate and not be able to get a job with today's economy. Well now I am not too sure on how lucky myself and the others in my siuation really are.
In all of his brilliance, Obama is cutting the defense budgets and forcing out thousands of people from their jobs within the DoD. Regardless of how many years you have been in, you stand a resonable chance of getting ousted. There is a man in my clinic that is being booted in June after putting in 14 years, he would be up for retirement soon, yet now he will have to start from square one. He has a wife and kids to feed, he does excelliant work, so its not like its his own fault. Does this seem odd to you? It does to me. If you are trying to boost the economy, wouldn't it make sense to try and keep as many jobs as possible? It would seem that this concept has not yet to be comprehended amongst those in Washington. ( I beleive it was Gen Patton that once said "No good decision was ever made from the seat of a swivel chair.")
The logic behind this seems to escape me, probably because I don't speak stupidity. So I tried to come up with resonable reasons for this. They realized the costs of the healthcare bill and want to redirect funds. They are stupid. They ran out of money from spending on bailouts. They want us overran by muslims. They are trying to balance the budget. (Yeah, like they would do that) They want to send a message to the world that America is a land of people that love rainbows, and unicorns and we are going to keep them alive by going green.
The breadth of the scheme is rather large, I myself am currently being screened on if they will let me get new orders in a couple months for my next 2 years, or just give me the boot. With the new influx of jobless vets my question is where will we work? The unemployment rate is already rather high, and if there wasn't jobs before is the job fairy going to pull them from its butt over a fortnight?
While all of this sinks in, I want you to look at that retard with an Obama sticker on their bumper that you pass on your way to work and think that that lousy S.O.B. elected one from their own kind. (And if you're smart run, them off the road so they don't get any wise ideas in Nov.)