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08 April 2012


While quietly sipping your morning coffee on your suburban front porch in middle America, you notice a menace before you. You have no idea what this menace is other than it being a person that has an issue that you are unaware of and could probably care less. Yes I'm speaking of oppositional defiant disorder. Quite frankly you don't care and have no need to care because he, just like you, doesn't like people telling him what to do. But, chances are somebody has, or will in the future champion this cause. There really isn't a need to, but more than likely someone will and raise money and come up with some gimmick to "raise awareness".
Now a money hungry mental health provider could diagnose you with such a thing as a means to get you to come back on a weekly basis when just like everyone else, you have a boss that's an idiot and don't like him telling you what to do. Now do you need to be aware of this sort of thing? I don't think so, since everyone fits the definition in all the pschyc books. Now if we look at other causes such as Livestrong, they exist for the sole purpose of "raising awareness" which is fine to a point for things like autism, which we are just beginning to learn about, but cancer is very old, and I think it's a safe bet to say that everyone has been affected by one cancer or another. So why wastenthe money on telling people about something they already know? If I had cancer I could care less what the general populace knew about my plight, but would rather have a cure.
Pink ribbons that say save the tatas aren't helping to find a cure any faster than O.J. Simpson looking in a cereal box is going to find the real killer. Those gimmicks cost money to produce, and when you donate money it's going to make things like that as well as finding a cure, or it's going to produce that and raise awareness.
I thought I'd give you a little food for thought on charities with tax day coming up shortly. If you really wanna give to a cause that just raises awareness I'd recommend the NRA's Eddie the Eagle program which teaches kids that guns aren't evil, but don't touch it, and tell an adult. I think that's awareness that we can all live with.