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25 July 2011

You Want What!?

With all of this talk and hoopla about raising the debt ceiling and defaulting on our debt; is it really our debt though? Have we the people been spending more than we had on testing the nicotine content of toenails, planned parenthood, national public radio, keeping 2 post offices on the same block, Amtrak routes that no one uses, the list goes on. Clearly it is not the majority of people that have caused this in the sense that they made the decision to spend money on these use programs. Yet, apparently enough voted for those that did; so we got the fecal covered end of the stick because, they don’t require I.Q. tests to vote, and or hold office. So, now we all have to suffer as a result of the dolts ruining the country. So let’s roll up our sleeves and wipe the excrement off our hands and dive into it.
In a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office states that unless we change current laws, fix the economy and so fourth that in the next ten years we will add $7 trillion more to our debt. So is the whole raising the debt ceiling thing actually going to fix anything? Of course not because we will have to do it again very shortly and only be worse off. By the way that is not factoring the rest of the Obamacare spending that, like all entitlements always costs more than projected. They say that as the debt continues to grow there is a negative effect on peoples incomes, meaning that the government would receive much less in revenue, making the problem that much worse.
The main problem is what is called “mandatory” spending. It would seem that if we didn’t pay this the world would stop spending , and Oprah would make a surprise stop at my place for supper. This is also known as the third rail of politics, because like the third rail of a train, you touch it, you pee on it, you’re dead. So nobody wants to discuss the clear failure of these programs, or point out that we are wasting money on these programs. This is the number one expenditure of the feds.

First things first, social security is an utter failure, and that money isn’t there in a lock box like they told us it would be it is spent already on something else, combine that with the fact that we aren’t having any large population growth so who will pay for my generation’s social security? Then you have the cost of the upkeep for the administration buildings and the employees pay and benefits. Of course they pay taxes, but their jobs eat up more in tax revenue then they could possibly pay back into. The answer is simple; shut the thing down. We can’t do it all over night, people are expecting it and planned on it so it wouldn’t be right to deny that to them after they paid into it. So we set a date in the future, say 2050, after that date you can no longer join but benefits will be paid out until the last person dies. In the meantime, you can stop sending your money into it at any time and use that money for a 401k or IRA. The Gipper said in his 1981 State of the Union address that the additional money available as a result of his tax cuts would boost the economy by freeing up funds to invest therefore creating more jobs. The same thing applies here, the money that people would invest into the private sector as a result of the investments made for the peoples retirements. Currently the money that is confiscated from us in the name of social security is squandered on something that it is not initially intended for, and as a result isn’t really doing anything positive. Even if it is required that the same amount of money be set up in another retirement fund, or stop treating us like children and let us make our own decisions. If you are that stupid that you can’t take care of yourself or be responsible for your own future, well you deserve to die out. Survival of the fittest.
Our “humble” leader is trying to play hardball, yet in a rather hypocritical manner. He himself cited principle for not voting in favor of raising the debt ceiling as a senator. He claims that the Republicans are being difficult and walking out of negotiation, yet he himself has walked out. Not just out of the meetings but on the American people. He is certainly not leaving too many options for the house to work with. With all of this calamity on nonpartisan compromise, he threatens to veto every effort that the Republicans suggest. The idea behind cut, cap, and balance is sound, and common sense; but since it came from the other side of the room, they are “not good enough”. He asks for so much, yet fails to suggest anything. Harry Reid after claiming that he felt left out, due to his incompetence and sheer stupidity, has actually come up with something that is probably going to be the one that is selected because he has a D in front of his name. Cut $2.7 trillion over the next few years and raise the debt ceiling high enough, (in theory) to last us until 2012. This is not a long term solution, the long term solution is to quit spending so much and instead of paying just interest, actually make payments.
Once again, we only have ourselves to blame, Barney Frank, Pelosi, Reid, heck even RINOs that have made a career out of sitting on their bums, and suggesting that those that elected them aren’t smart enough to make our own decisions. Vote ‘em out. (Sterilization might be an answer, that way we can get stupidity out of the gene pool.)