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28 February 2009

How to Comment

In light of "web numbers," I thought it might be helpful to post a how-to blog about posting comments. I can also be contacted via e-mail at licentialoquendi@live.com. For the time being, this blog will also be available on the right side of the menu bar.

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Birthdays, Cholera and Hyperinflation

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe hosted a lavish (meaning a cost of about $250,000 and the slaughter of about 100 animals) birthday party on Saturday. The party was thrown despite a cholera epidemic (which, according to the WHO, has killed 3,731 and infected approximately 80,000 since August), hyperinflation (Zimbabwe has the highest inflation rate in the world) and food/medicine shortages.
Friday, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai visited Harare Hospital, the ICU of which needs $30,000 to resume operating following a shortage of funds. He also declined Mugabe's invitation to the party, stating that it was a "political party function" (CNN).
Tsvangirai ran against Mugabe in the previous presidential election; however, though he won the first election with 50.3% of the vote, he pulled out of the re-run due to violence directed towards his party.

27 February 2009

Detox Program for Terrorists

Mohammed Shaikh, director of the Masjid el Noor Mosque in Toronto, has devised a twelve-step program which will enlighten and hopefully deter potential terrorists. "The goal is to show the radicalized youth that Al Qaeda's beliefs are theologically wrong" (FNC). According to counselor Ahmed Amiruddin, "'Their interpretation of the Islamic faith is inconsistent with the last 1,400 years of Islamic schools of thought. We clarify the differences and bring people back toward the traditional interpretation of the Islamic faith, which completely rejects suicide bombings and extremism in all of its forms'" (FNC).
I shared this story with my Women in the Middle East class this afternoon. While I don't know that many people took the plan seriously (a "detox" program for budding jihadists?), I thought it was very interesting and revolutionary. And, if it's going to help turn potential terrorists away from Al Qaeda, then I think this is a wonderful idea.

26 February 2009

The Holocaust? What Holocaust?

British Bishop Richard Williamson today apologized for claiming that "no Jews were gassed during the Holocaust" (FNC). However, he apologized "to all those who took offense and for the distress he caused . . . [but] did not specifically say that his comments were erroneous, or that he no longer believed them" (FNC). He stated, "'If I had known beforehand the full harm and hurt to which [my comments] would give rise, especially to the church, but also to survivors and relatives of victims of injustice under the Third Reich, I would not have made them'" (FNC).
First of all, considering that this man is British, I can only assume that some of his countrymen will have fought in WWII and possibly saw the concentration camps. Even if not, at the very least I know of some who have seen the death camps, and I know that they wouldn't lie.
Second of all, it seems to me that Bishop Williamson is more concerned about saving face than acknowledging that he is clearly wrong and has offended not just an entire nation, but also those who have seen the concentration camps.
Third of all, in my opinion, if Bishop Williamson wants evidence, he should visit Auschwitz-Birkenau, Buchenwald, Buna, Gleiwitz, Sobibor, Treblinka, Belzec, Majdanek, Dachau, Sachsenhausen, Mauthausen, Flossenbürg, or Ravensbrück (I know I've missed some and it's possible that I've mislabeled some). He could also then donate towards their upkeep. And he can tell the Holocaust survivors to their faces that it didn't really happen.

To the Mansions of the Lord

The media will now be permitted to photograph the homecomings of fallen troops at Dover AFB (which is where their remains are returned, before being transported to their hometowns). "Defense Secretary Robert Gates has decided to allow photos of flag-draped caskets . . . if the families of the fallen troops agree" (FNC).
In my personal opinion, I find this shocking and disturbing. How can one even consider approaching the family of a fallen hero and asking permission to take photos? Our nation's heroes should be able to return home and be buried in peace, surrounded by their families -- not the media. This is abhorrent and disrespectful. The media is exploiting our troops and their families -- they've already made the ultimate sacrifice, what more can the government ask?

I was going to post a video of "The Mansions of the Lord," but they always make me emotional.

"The Mansions of the Lord"

To fallen soldiers let us sing,
Where no rockets fly nor bullets wing,
Our broken brothers let us bring
To the Mansions of the Lord

No more weeping, no more fight,
No prayers pleading through the night,
Just divine embrace, eternal light,
In the Mansions of the Lord

Where no mothers cry and no children weep,
We shall stand and guard though the angels sleep,
Oh, through the ages safely keep
The Mansions of the Lord

24 February 2009


Obama is addressing Congress tonight. It supposedly started at nine but he just recently started talking, so if you tune in now you won't have missed much (except for three standing ovations).

Dining With the Ambassador of Zimbabwe

For an interview between Amb. Machivenyika Mapuranga and FPTV's Katherine Wheeler, please visit Foreign Policy: FPTV: How Do You Defend a Failing State?. Ambassador Mapuranga's interview is the last video at the bottom of the screen.

The dinner was delightful (although the chicken was slightly dry and I was rather uptight throughout the entire meal). In attendance were Amb. Mapuranga and his wife, three professors (including Dr. Pankratz, who invited me), a representative of President McMillan, two men from the Reading World Affairs Council and two other students, aside from myself. The conversation was quite enlightening, and I learned a lot about Zimbabwe (mainly its history).

After the dinner, we then crossed from the President's Conference Room to Alumni Hall so that Amb. Mapuranga could hold a talk about Zimbabwe, followed with a Q&A session. Unfortunately, all of my questions pertained to either Mugabe, human rights violations or corruption, so I didn't ask any of them for fear of offending Amb. Mapuranga (and could he really have answered any of them, anyway, being that he's an ambassador?). However, one of the other students in attendance asked about corruption in the government, Amnesty International, and the citizens' awareness. Her questions were almost answered. Almost.
I do think I disappointed my professor, though, since I remained silent. Still, I suppose I would rather remain silent and thought shy (or stupid), than open my mouth and offend a visiting dignitary. I suppose.
Regardless, I was honored to have been selected to attend the dinner and lecture this evening, and it was a privilege to have met the Ambassador of Zimbabwe and his wife.


I was preparing to check out at the bookstore today when I glanced down at the DVDs. Lo and behold, Ben Stein's Expelled was front and center, and at only $10, there was no way I'd pass that up -- a $10 DVD? What self-respecting college student would pass up that opportunity? Of course, I also walked away with The Bank Job, but nevermind.
I first saw Expelled's preview on An American Carol, and I've been searching for it ever since. It seems to be a documentary (I'll watch it tomorrow evening . . . this evening I'm dining with the Ambassador of Zimbabwe!) about educators and scientists who have been persecuted and/or fired for their belief in intelligent design. I don't know that any of my college professors have to worry about that.

19 February 2009

Kerry Accepts Letter from Hamas for Obama


1. I was fairly certain that it was Hillary Clinton, not John Kerry, who was chosen to be Secretary of State.
2. Since when has the U.S. negotiated with terrorists?

The Bright Side

The military advertising presentation I worked so hard on only earned me 140/150 points (~93%). I lost ten points because I failed to address post-9/11 fears and hesitations regarding enlistment.

Army General David McKiernan claims that, due to a stalemate between insurgents and US/allied forces, a 55,000 troop surge in Afghanistan will most likely remain around that level for the next five years (and those 55,000 are only two-thirds his requested number of troops).
When I first read the article (at FNC), I was completely shocked. I completely support our troops, but when I learned in December that a friend was being deployed to Afghanistan for a year, everything seemed to shift and the war suddenly became personal. Five years seems like such a long time to fight a war.
On the bright side, within five years I'll have finished school and hopefully will be able to secure a journalist job that will send me to Afghanistan so I can document the war (a la Joe Galloway, Martha Gellhorn and Michael Yon). If that can be considered a bright side.

18 February 2009

Rule #1: Never Hit Women. Or Aim Guns At Their Heads.

This is a screenshot of the Facebook group Anthony Geisler created:

First of all, I think that challenging Chris Brown to a fight would be both unsuccessful and perhaps a bit immature, as the challenger would be lowering himself to Brown's level.
Second of all, I was always taught that men (or gentlemen, at least) never ever hit women. In my opinion, hitting a woman takes away a man's manhood (unless she happens to be a black belt martial artist and can dish it right back, though that of course still doesn't justify the action).
Third of all, If a man ever hits me, I'm going to sic my dad on him.

In other news, sailor Darren Mackie has been "charged with second-degree murder in the death of fellow Navy sailor [and girlfriend], 20-year-old Caitlin Trask" (Military Times). He "told investigators he was playing with his gun at his Navy apartment in Newport News, Va. Thursday, walked up behind Trask, pointed the weapon at her head and pulled the trigger. A criminal complaint says Mackie then called 911."
First of all, Mackie shouldn't even be allowed to possess a weapon if he's going to aim it at someone's head and pull the trigger. Second of all, why is he serving in the military if he is incapable of checking whether or not the gun is loaded?

I was just wondering . . .

. . . if the same amount of attention would be given to this cartoon had it been drawn between 2000 and 2008?

According to Al Sharpton, the cartoon is "'troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys'" (MSNBC). Weren't the Japanese depicted as monkeys on WWII propaganda posters?
Anyone who has at least vaguely paid attention to the news recently has heard of the chimpanzee who mauled a woman and had to be shot by police (and if you haven't, there are currently three articles regarding the story on FNC's homepage). Clearly, this almost unbelievable occurrence lends itself to a political cartoon -- especially when comparing monkeys with politicians, as I'm fairly certain most people would agree that politicians do not have the highest reputations (regardless of whether or not the reasons are sound).
So the president's a monkey. I'm pretty sure Bush had worse epithets attached to him. And, if the country has come as far as we allegedly have in terms of racial equality, then why is this cartoon so important? Maybe it's because the cops are white -- one of them should be from the Dominican Republic.

17 February 2009

I would not have survived segregation.

I went to the caf for lunch as usual, and noticed signs at either entrance door. As I approached, I noticed that one said "WHITES ONLY" and the other said "COLORED." I stopped dead in my tracks. Just which door was the one I was supposed to use?
Eventually, I watched the other students and realized that they simply used whichever door was closest -- the signs were intended to create awareness about the change that has come about our country. Without change, we'd still be segregated. And I'd still be standing in front of the caf, starving to death and unable to choose a door.

Of course, this sparked a great deal of conversation at the lunch table. A friend told me a story about the Japanese-American grandfather of a friend, who was a businessman in the thirties, I believe. He flew to Atlanta on business, and decided to take the train home. However, he was stuck in the train station for three days because neither the Whites Only nor the Colored line would sell him a ticket.

Also, I don't understand why February is "Black History Month." If October is "Asian/Pacific Heritage Month," then shouldn't February be "African History Month?" But, then that excludes blacks from the Caribbean. But if we simply call it "Black History Month," then what about the North Africans? We could call it "Middle-Eastern History Month," but the Pakistanis and Iraqis and everyone else would already be categorized under "Asian/Pacific Heritage Month." So. This is what I've decided.

January: European History Month (i.e. French)
February: African History Month (i.e. Kenyans)
March: North American History Month (i.e. Canadians)
April: South American History Month
May: Australian History Month
June: Central American History Month
July: Gay/Transgendered History Month
August: Immigrant History Month (French-Vietnamese)
September: I'm-A-Mix History Month (this is for the Cherokee/Irish/Mexican/Ethiopians)
October: Asian History Month
November: Stateless Peoples History Month (Palestine)
December: Anyone-Who-Doesn't-Fit-in-the-Other-Categories History Month (i.e. Russia, which can also celebrate in January and October)

Now, I realize that some people, such as myself, could celebrate in either March or October. However, I would probably best fit in December. Therefore, I am entitled to celebrate all three, and make everyone else feel guilty about oppressing me.

Before you start complaining that I have no idea what I'm talking about, I'd like you to imagine growing up in a rural German immigrant farming town as one of less than ten Asians in the entire school district. All through elementary school I was made fun of, though the taunts changed from the whole slanted-eye gesture to names like "Chinese bitch" and "Chink." Frankly, I was more upset by the fact that these ignorant people couldn't tell I'm not Chinese. However, what kid hasn't been called names or singled out? It's school, and kids are mean. Life is tough and unfair. The sooner you learn that, the less complicated things are. So. Let's all stop playing the race card -- if we're as equal as we say we are, we can stop with the guilt trips.

15 February 2009

Valentine's Day Ball

I spent the weekend in Arlington, VA and last night attended a Valentine's Day Ball which included some pre-ball dance lessons on the rumba, waltz, and foxtrot. I met a Conservative from Connecticut, of all places, who ended up being my dance partner for the entire night. We discussed politics for a good part of the evening, and surprisingly we agreed on a great deal of issues (and he didn't seem intimidated by the fact that I hunt or am a martial artist or have senatorial aspirations). My friends had forbidden me to watch the news all weekend (but I settled for two documentaries about snipers on the History Channel), so it was nice to chat politics for a few hours.

Guns for Roses

If my significant other ever gave me a rose and a gift card that he'd gotten in exchange for one of his firearms, I'm pretty sure I'd leave him.

11 February 2009

WDW Armed Forces Salute Ticket

Disney World Armed Forces Salute Ticket

Travel Dates: January 4 - December 23, 2009. Walt Disney World has just introduced a special Armed Forces Salute Ticket for 2009. Each qualifying Military Service member* will receive a complimentary 5-Day "Disney's Armed Forces Salute Ticket" with Park Hopper and Water Park Fun & More Options included. To receive the FREE ticket, visit any theme park Guest Relations window and show proper ID.

In addition to the free Armed Forces Salute Ticket, up to 5 of their guests can purchase for $99 a Disney's Armed Forces Salute Companion (5 Day Base) ticket. Park Hopper or Water Park Fun & More option are available for $25 each (which is 50% off the normal price). Companion tickets may be upgraded to Premium, Annual or Seasonal Passes. Seasonal Pass upgrade requires proof of Florida Residency. Companion tickets may not be upgraded by adding the no expiration option, and you cannot add additional days to the passes.

Companion tickets may be purchased at any Disney World ticket window or guest services. You may also purchase tickets at Shades of Green, located at Walt Disney World or on your base (these two options are tax-free). If you purchase the tickets at Shades of Green or on base, you will receive a voucher that you will trade in once you arrive at a Walt Disney World ticket window.

Armed Forces Salute tickets will expire on 12/23/09 and have no block-out dates. Tickets may be upgraded anytime between January 4th -December 23, 2009 as long as there is usage left on the ticket.

The entire party needs to be present for purchase (Spouse or military dependents can receive the companion discount without the military service member being present as long as they have their military ID). The military service member will need to show ID; Cast Member will ask for their Base's name, and the State where the base is listed.

This offer is only available once per service member.

*This offer is available to anyone on active duty in the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserve, and retired military.

Activated members of the National Guard and Reservists must present active duty orders in addition to valid military ID. You must have been active for any length of time between 1/1/08 and 12/23/09.
Dept of Defense (CIA, FBI, Secret Service) and Coalition Forces are excluded.

Separate note. Disney is also offering stay for 7 and pay for 4 nights at various resorts. Shades of Green is also offering discounted room rates.

10 February 2009

¡Pienso Que Esto Es Ridículo!

"Roger Barnett, 64, began rounding up illegal immigrants in 1998 and turning them over to the U.S. Border Patrol . . . after they destroyed his property, killed his calves and broke into his home.
"His Cross Rail Ranch near Douglas, Ariz., is known by federal and county law enforcement authorities as 'the avenue of choice' for immigrants seeking to enter the United States illegally" (Washington Times). Barnett is now being sued for "$32 million in actual and punitive damages for civil rights violations, the infliction of emotional distress and other crimes" by the "five women and 11 men who were trying to cross illegally into the United States [who] have accused Mr. Barnett of holding the group captive at gunpoint, threatening to turn his dog loose on them and saying he would shoot anyone who tried to escape" (Washington Times).
If these illegals win this lawsuit, there is something wrong with this government. These people are illegally in the nation, meaning that they should not be here in the first place and should definitely not be able to take action against the citizen on whose land they were trespassing. And "emotional distress?" I should sue my college for causing me "emotional distress" during finals week.

Did Obama Throw Biden Under the Bus?

Yes. Yes he did.

No, not literally.

The current major topic on FNC at the moment is a conversation between Obama and Major Garrett, in which the latter asked the former to explain a rather ambiguous comment Biden made. Obama's response?
OBAMA: You know, I don't remember exactly what Joe was referring to . . .
(LAUGHTER) . . . not surprisingly.
But let me try this out. (MORE LAUGHTER)

Yes, that makes me laugh, too. Very funny. He then proceeded to cover the economy in a rather broad statement.
OBAMA: Now, those are big, complicated tasks. So I don't know whether Joe was referring to that, but I used that as a launching point to make a general point about these issues.


OBAMA: I have no idea. I really don't.

Aren't we all thrilled that our President and Vice President communicate so well? And the press is laughing -- the sun shines far brighter over D.C. now, because the lack of communication between Obama and Biden isn't a concern, it's a reason to laugh. On the bright side, at least he admitted that he has no idea.

09 February 2009

I was sitting in class today . . .

. . . when my professor gave examples of women as symbols. The article we were discussing at the time mentioned Eve and Martha, but he said,
Let's use the names of real-life people, not mythical ones.
And so he substituted "Kharija" and "'Aisha" (the Prophet Muhammad's first wife and most favored wife, respectively) for "Eve" and "Martha."
In my personal opinion, if one may believe that Kharija and 'Aisha were "real-life people," then may one not also believe that Eve and Martha were also "real-life people?"
I bet he loves the signature that's attached to the bottom of all of the e-mails I send through my school e-mail -- "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Praise the Lord for freedom of speech.

Don't Mess With Poland

Yesterday, my parents and I stopped at Ft. Indiantown Gap's PX. I was surprised by the amount of alcohol stocked in such a small store.

According to the London Times, Poland has "promised to track down and 'punish' Taleban terrorists who beheaded an engineer in Pakistan's lawless North West Frontier Province" (Times Online). The Polish Foreign Minister has "promised that Poland would try to bring the perpetrators of the killing to justice" (Times Online). However, this is going to be quite difficult, as "Pakistan's tribal regions remain largely lawless and overrun by the Taleban" (Times Online),though this hasn't stopped Poland from issuing arrest warrants against the suspects. Still, if and when these murderers are captured, will they truly be brought to justice? Or will international law and human rights intervene? We can always ship them to Rep. Murtha's district.

On a happier note, SSG Daniel Barker and soldier Adam Krause were reunited with two dogs they saved from starvation while serving in Afghanistan. "Dogpile.com . . . [paid] for the dogs' journey to the U.S. and stay in Customs" (FNC). Follow their story at Dogpile.com, complete with their arrival video!
I wonder if this sort of thing happens more often. I can recall reading a story about a dog named Lava who was rescued by some soldiers. They dewormed her with tobacco and got rid of her fleas with a kerosene bath. As far as I know, Lava is living somewhere in the States with one of the soldiers.

Princess Amira al-Taweel of Saudi Arabia has declared that she is ready to drive (women are currently forbidden to drive in Saudi Arabia), as she already drives in other countries when she travels. Her husband has already stated that "he would be the first to let his wife and daughter drive if the ban was lifted" (FNC). The ban requires families to either "hire live-in drivers . . . [or] rely on male relatives to drive them to work, school, shopping or the doctor" (FNC).
In my opinion, that's more of an inconvenience than allowing women to drive themselves. The argument against women drivers is that they "will unduly expose their eyes while driving and will interact with male strangers" (FNC).
As a driver, my eyes are on the road. I'm not checking out the guy passing me on the interstate. If women (or men) are going to be ogling one another while on the road, they clearly shouldn't be there in the first place. And if men are worried about women interacting with police officers and mechanics, can't they simply veil before the police officer strides up to the window, or have their husbands take the car to the mechanic? Clearly, I'm oversimplifying the matter, but the point is that in my opinion, these arguments are unfounded.

"Be nice to terrorists. Read them their rights!" -Judge from An American Carol, on the ACLU

07 February 2009

How to Comment

Real Life 101

This morning I forewent a lovely morning sleeping in to join the Brain Trust at the local coffee shop. As usual, my unofficial professors did not fail to educate me on life -- literally, the conversation revolved around biology (which was never my forte).

While my sister and her friend went shopping this afternoon, I stopped by the Army recruiting station for help on a project. They showed me an Army recruiting vid and another one which I can't find . . . but it involved recruiters kidnapping people off of the streets. It was pretty epic. If I can find the latter, I'll use both in my presentation on military advertising this week.