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18 February 2009

Rule #1: Never Hit Women. Or Aim Guns At Their Heads.

This is a screenshot of the Facebook group Anthony Geisler created:

First of all, I think that challenging Chris Brown to a fight would be both unsuccessful and perhaps a bit immature, as the challenger would be lowering himself to Brown's level.
Second of all, I was always taught that men (or gentlemen, at least) never ever hit women. In my opinion, hitting a woman takes away a man's manhood (unless she happens to be a black belt martial artist and can dish it right back, though that of course still doesn't justify the action).
Third of all, If a man ever hits me, I'm going to sic my dad on him.

In other news, sailor Darren Mackie has been "charged with second-degree murder in the death of fellow Navy sailor [and girlfriend], 20-year-old Caitlin Trask" (Military Times). He "told investigators he was playing with his gun at his Navy apartment in Newport News, Va. Thursday, walked up behind Trask, pointed the weapon at her head and pulled the trigger. A criminal complaint says Mackie then called 911."
First of all, Mackie shouldn't even be allowed to possess a weapon if he's going to aim it at someone's head and pull the trigger. Second of all, why is he serving in the military if he is incapable of checking whether or not the gun is loaded?

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