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17 February 2009

I would not have survived segregation.

I went to the caf for lunch as usual, and noticed signs at either entrance door. As I approached, I noticed that one said "WHITES ONLY" and the other said "COLORED." I stopped dead in my tracks. Just which door was the one I was supposed to use?
Eventually, I watched the other students and realized that they simply used whichever door was closest -- the signs were intended to create awareness about the change that has come about our country. Without change, we'd still be segregated. And I'd still be standing in front of the caf, starving to death and unable to choose a door.

Of course, this sparked a great deal of conversation at the lunch table. A friend told me a story about the Japanese-American grandfather of a friend, who was a businessman in the thirties, I believe. He flew to Atlanta on business, and decided to take the train home. However, he was stuck in the train station for three days because neither the Whites Only nor the Colored line would sell him a ticket.

Also, I don't understand why February is "Black History Month." If October is "Asian/Pacific Heritage Month," then shouldn't February be "African History Month?" But, then that excludes blacks from the Caribbean. But if we simply call it "Black History Month," then what about the North Africans? We could call it "Middle-Eastern History Month," but the Pakistanis and Iraqis and everyone else would already be categorized under "Asian/Pacific Heritage Month." So. This is what I've decided.

January: European History Month (i.e. French)
February: African History Month (i.e. Kenyans)
March: North American History Month (i.e. Canadians)
April: South American History Month
May: Australian History Month
June: Central American History Month
July: Gay/Transgendered History Month
August: Immigrant History Month (French-Vietnamese)
September: I'm-A-Mix History Month (this is for the Cherokee/Irish/Mexican/Ethiopians)
October: Asian History Month
November: Stateless Peoples History Month (Palestine)
December: Anyone-Who-Doesn't-Fit-in-the-Other-Categories History Month (i.e. Russia, which can also celebrate in January and October)

Now, I realize that some people, such as myself, could celebrate in either March or October. However, I would probably best fit in December. Therefore, I am entitled to celebrate all three, and make everyone else feel guilty about oppressing me.

Before you start complaining that I have no idea what I'm talking about, I'd like you to imagine growing up in a rural German immigrant farming town as one of less than ten Asians in the entire school district. All through elementary school I was made fun of, though the taunts changed from the whole slanted-eye gesture to names like "Chinese bitch" and "Chink." Frankly, I was more upset by the fact that these ignorant people couldn't tell I'm not Chinese. However, what kid hasn't been called names or singled out? It's school, and kids are mean. Life is tough and unfair. The sooner you learn that, the less complicated things are. So. Let's all stop playing the race card -- if we're as equal as we say we are, we can stop with the guilt trips.

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