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18 May 2010

On Stupidity and Swivel Chairs

Somethings seem to be passed down through genetics and through how you were raised. In one of those processes I seem to inherited a hankering to write from my grandfther, be it poems, short stories, whatever. (That might explain what I'm doing now) In one of my grandfathers writings that I read awhile back he thanked the navy for keeping his faher employed during the depression. Forever it seems that the military has always been toted as a guareenteed source of income. People go in and decide to make a career out of it, retire and collect a pension, they do so under the impression that this is inevitable. Not too long ago I was actually kind of glad that I had a guareenteed source of income, unlike those that blew a substancial amount of money on college, only to graduate and not be able to get a job with today's economy. Well now I am not too sure on how lucky myself and the others in my siuation really are.
In all of his brilliance, Obama is cutting the defense budgets and forcing out thousands of people from their jobs within the DoD. Regardless of how many years you have been in, you stand a resonable chance of getting ousted. There is a man in my clinic that is being booted in June after putting in 14 years, he would be up for retirement soon, yet now he will have to start from square one. He has a wife and kids to feed, he does excelliant work, so its not like its his own fault. Does this seem odd to you? It does to me. If you are trying to boost the economy, wouldn't it make sense to try and keep as many jobs as possible? It would seem that this concept has not yet to be comprehended amongst those in Washington. ( I beleive it was Gen Patton that once said "No good decision was ever made from the seat of a swivel chair.")
The logic behind this seems to escape me, probably because I don't speak stupidity. So I tried to come up with resonable reasons for this. They realized the costs of the healthcare bill and want to redirect funds. They are stupid. They ran out of money from spending on bailouts. They want us overran by muslims. They are trying to balance the budget. (Yeah, like they would do that) They want to send a message to the world that America is a land of people that love rainbows, and unicorns and we are going to keep them alive by going green.
The breadth of the scheme is rather large, I myself am currently being screened on if they will let me get new orders in a couple months for my next 2 years, or just give me the boot. With the new influx of jobless vets my question is where will we work? The unemployment rate is already rather high, and if there wasn't jobs before is the job fairy going to pull them from its butt over a fortnight?
While all of this sinks in, I want you to look at that retard with an Obama sticker on their bumper that you pass on your way to work and think that that lousy S.O.B. elected one from their own kind. (And if you're smart run, them off the road so they don't get any wise ideas in Nov.)

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