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30 April 2010

Doc's Required Reading

This is a list of books I have read of the years and highly recommend to you. I don't get paid for this I just do it, but I am willing to accept compensation for the advertising.This list will be continually updated as I expand my mind. I myself, might not agree with all that is said in them but they are for the most part on point. Some might be older, discussing topics that were current at the time of printing, yet they still ring true, even today. If more people read these books there is no telling how much better off we'd be. Now, without further ado:

Going Rouge : An American Life, Sarah Palin

Godless, Ann Coulter

If Democrat Were Smart They'd be Republicans, Ann Coulter

The Way Things Ought To Be, Rush Limbaugh

See I Told You So, Rush Limbaugh

The Fair Tax Book Neal Boortz

America: The Last Best Hope Vol.1 William J. Bennet

Deliver Us From Evil Sean Hannity

Glenn Beck's Common Sense Glenn Beck

Arguing With Idiots Glenn Beck

Common Sense Thomas Paine

Revolution: A Manifesto Ron Paul

Total Money Makeover Dave Ramsey

Conservative Victory Sean Hannity

Ted, White, and Blue Revised Ted Nugent (This man crawled in through my ear and took my thoughts and wrote a book!) A must read for all those that really, truly, love America, and all that is right with the shining city on a hill.

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