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30 April 2010

The Truth Be Told!

"I think at a certain point you've made enough money." Who done it? Who said that? Huh? Huh? Don't know? Come on! What are you thinking there are only a couple of people that would say such a thing. Give up? The "messiah", that is exactly who said in it, in an off the cuff remark. I've said it before and so have lots of other folks this guy is a pinko. This is not only a direct attack at the the American dream but also an attack at all that America has ever stood for. Is this not unsettling? I mean come on, this is something straight from an Orwell novel, if you are familiar with Animal Farm (for those that aren't its an allegory on communist Russia) the "change" was subtle, then drastic and scary. The truth is trickling slowly so that those that are slow themselves might have time to see the way things are before it is too late.
So, his magestic holier than thou, how much is too much? Most of you reading this in your inability to see everything in a view that is beyond what you see before you, would say something along the lines of: "Oh that won't effect me, I'm middle class." Bull! This is a prime example of how ignorance is just as dangerous as down right stupidity. It will effect you and drastically, but more on that later. What would seem like enough? 100k? 200k? $1,000,000? Well the empire has $5,000,000 for new clothes. That I am sure puts him in the upper class, if I'm not mistaken. So if he thinks that at a certain point enough money is made then why didn't he give that money to charity, or toward our exponentially growing deficit? (On a side note under a Stalinesque type communism only the people in government would be rich.) Well he needs the money to go on vacation and relax from his high stress job. Really? He makes 400k a year for the rest of his life, and in the mean time the 51% that pay taxes pay for his "vacations", so that a load off hog swallow when you look at the fact that most people are lucky if they bring in $30,000 a year and have only that to live on. So how are you going to determine how much is enough? If it is anything like his sudden urge for health care he will ask for suggestions, and before he can hear a suggestion make up a number.
By now you are wondering how an attitude like this is going to effect you. Good, its about time you pulled your head out of your orifice and listened to reason. The trickle down. No that is not the sound of drool rolling from Janet Reno's haggard face, but how it works. In a nutshell, when the rich spend money everybody profits. Some of you are probably wondering how this makes sense, so here it is barney style:
What do the rich spend their money on? Rich people things of course silly! Like brandy snifters and fancy cars. So the regime decides to put a hefty tax on yachts. Because of course, their narrow little heads can't comprehend the entire repercussions of their ignorance. Now common sense says that the rich didn't get rich by being stupid, so they aren't just going to dish out the extra how ever many bucks to go pretend to be a "seaman", so what are they going to do? Not buy a stinking yacht! This is the part where you come in. If nobodies buying them what are the companies going to do? Start laying off so they can continue making about the same profit. Now how many people go into making just one yacht? Well you have those that assemble, those that cut the trees for the wood, those that harvest the ore, those that take the ore to the refinery, those that make the ore into nails, those that make the paint, those that paint it, those sew the sails, and that annoying guy that gets in your face that tries to sell it too you. Now this list is probably missing a great deal of other people involved. So after people quit buying yachts, the yacht industry goes under, the guys making the paint get laid off, because there isn't a need for that much paint. So if you look at how all off this is connected, it effects more people lower on the totem pole than rich. Now if we reverse this, look at the outcome. There would be a lot of jobs opening because of the demand for yachts, so that makes the rest of that chain increase jobs and profits. So lets look at example where the rich were robbed under the pretense of feeding the poor and the money just sort of, got lost in transit. Cuba, a communist country, a.k.a. a third world, maybe even a fourth or fifth. They tried being pinko and found it wasn't the answer to their problems. Prior to Castro Cuba was the modern day equivalent of the Bahamas, and Vegas all put together, quite a thriving economy. If you have ever read the Old Man and the Sea, you saw a glimpse of what Cuba was before Castro. Now Russia is a different story, they were already in dire straights because of the Great War. So their economy was crap. So what does Lenin do to boost their economy? He institutes capitalism in a plan called: New Economic Policy. When a renowned communist institutes capitalism that should tell you about how well it works. But after they reverted back to communism their economy still was garbage. To have it even close to working means you have to have an amazing economy before you start. So clearly this is not the time for such measures as disrupting capitalism. How will it work when we don't have the jobs?
To demonstrate the lack of intellect this usurper, let us look into what he has done. For starters the health care thing. That should be self explanatory. Placing a 4% surcharge on the rich, while also eliminating the Bush tax cuts. Placing wage ceilings. Messing with financial institution employees. Where does it end? If we continue to not think beyond ourselves we will only screw ourselves. If we don't learn from history we will only continue the never ending cycle of failure.

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