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05 September 2009

Van Jones - A True American Racist

Van Jones, race baiter and communist, is now a member of the Presidential inner circle. A person really has to wonder what's going on. The President has surrounded himself with people that are, seemingly, very unAmerican. Now Van Jones is the new Green Czar and he's in charge of $30 billion. He is not responsible, or accountable, to the public for anything that he does. These people that the President has put in the Czar positions have not been elected or chosen by the public, but they have a vast amount of power. I don't even know if these positions are constitutional. It seems almost like the President wants a "royal court." Now this Van Jones has uttered a lot of racist remarks - "white" this, "white" that. The "white" race seems to be the great satan. This President came into office on a platform of tolerance and, to be honest with you, I'm seeing no tolerance from him or his "court." What would happen if a white congressman or senator would have said the things that this man has said. What would happen? Better yet, if Congressman Charlie Rangle would have said these things, what would have happened? Nothing!! It seems that our representatives are making the mistake of ignoring the people's wishes. What this country needs is term limits. And we have way too many lawyers in congress. We need tort reform, the illegal immigrants have to go (they should have 90 days to clear up their business in this country and then be gone), we have to get back to basic family values, and honest unbiased media must be the order of the day.


  1. "and honest unbiased media must be the order of the day."

    This is what floors me most of all. I know you're going to gang up on me and call me naive. If Bush went to Camp David for the weekend, the media was all over the thing: dereliction of duty. Obama can do ANYTHING he wants to and the press is mute with the exception of Fox. Obama almost pulled off spiking every network, every paper and every news outlet except for the blogosphere. And he'd love to do that too.

  2. I guess we're all lucky he resigned. But we still have to question...where is Obama's judge of character? So far it's a strike out: Wright, Ayers and now Jones (and those are only the big names). 3 up and out.