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09 September 2009

Comparing Apples, To Peaches, To Pumkin pie

My grandparents have this dog, his name is Gershwin. He is a peekapoo or however it is spelled. He is half Pekinese and half poodle. Now they don’t run around saying that he is a poodle because, he isn’t a poodle, he is only half poodle. So what if he is a poodle, at the same time in order to be 100% correct we have to say that he is Pekinese too. Now maybe you see where I’m going with this. So on what ground do they have to stand on when they declare that El Duce or der Furher, messiah or whatever you want to call him, is the first African American president? He is not, he is just as white as black.
This was a simple plot that continues to be in the news with this regime, the race card. First we push the fact that his dad was born and raised in Africa, and we can forget his mother is from little Wichita. This was to capture the minority vote. And if you were against him, you are racist, you’re not voting for him because he is black! Well if we didn’t vote for him because he is black, we could vote for him because he is white. Or we could put on our blinders and not care if he is black, white, chartreuse, mango, mauve, or vermillion. Voting for someone because of their heritage is just as ignorant as voting against them for the same reason. Now they know why I didn’t vote for him.
I remember in Chicago being accused of being racist because I didn’t vote for Obama. Wow, so I’m supposed to feel guilty because I didn’t vote for someone because his daddyo was from Africa? Now is a good time to get a billion bumper stickers and tee shirts printed up that say don’t blame me, I voted for McCain. Under this current logic they are trying to manipulate the American people into adopting the socialized medicine crap by calling anyone against it racist. Just give it up, the sixties have been over for, at the last time I checked at least; forty years. Get over it, I don’t think it matters if you ride on the front of the bus, and as long as I’m not paying for it, you can have your forty acres and a mule, but I doubt if you’d even know what to do with it. They claim that racism is a big problem in America; boy is that ever news to me. People are scared, they moan and groan about all of the injustice, and say that they didn’t get hired because of their race, gender, sexuality, or something. Well did you ever think that there is somebody that is actually qualified, or better qualified for the job?
The L.A. Times just published a headline entitled Obama’s Fast Losing White Voters, why does it really matter? So that someday I might become president, I am going to try and get on even footing and claim that I am Jewish since I have Jewish relatives somewhere in the distant family. That will help me, because I’ll be a minority, and we can just forget that I’m only 3.1457932247215452153111484858524847885215514148506548551484854627241515154184825288485418515187459148451481518451845926458451544855185651825154756589452882154158452654825216515465184515825184651454524655364618475178545178565185815252583638525421418525252562515252% Jewish and the rest whatever else I am. So if you don’t vote for me you are no better than Hitler, you anti- Semitic pig dog! Or maybe I will claim to be a Melungeon and I won’t have to prove the fact or show that I ‘m a U.S. citizen.
Give it up! Forget about it, stop calling him the first African American president when he is just as much white. Forget the race card, don’t feel bad for doing what is right. Remember, every time they point the finger at us, they have four more going back to them.

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