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30 September 2009


First of all, I would like to apologize for my hiatus -- this semester has been very busy for me. However, it's given me time to think about Licentia Loquendi and my purpose as a writer here. I've decided to focus more on the college aspect of life in my writings.

Second of all. Why has this semester been very busy for me? I've been taking a class on journalism, which I believe I'm finally beginning to understand. I had started off the semester earning poor grades, but am finally earning higher marks. That, coupled with the fact that my professor never fails to make some sort of degrading comment against conservatives, left me very frustrated in regards to the journalism field. Then there was my foreign policy class. I must admit that we are finally starting to learn about foreign policy (sort of). Since I'm no expert, it's difficult for me to discern lies from the truth, and I find it unfortunate that such discernment is even necessary in regards to professors. If you've not seen "An American Carol," I highly suggest it. The scene about colleges and universities is completely true.

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  1. Welcome to the real world. However, things they are changing on the outside. As we used to say in the early 70,s "Keep the faith baby."