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02 October 2009

Chicago Loses Olympic Bid

There was an honest election that happened in Copenhagen today. ACORN was not involved. Chicago lost in the first round of the election. Perhaps the people that voted realized that if Chicago won the election, it would have been the dirtiest Olympics in history. As far as Obama's Chicago cronies go, it would have been a showcase of corruption, graft and political patronage. This, I'm sure, was a real blow to Mr. Obama's ego. Just watch the media for a few days. There will be some laughs, and then the Obamas will be back to saving the world. Keep heart! We're only 13 months away from the 2010 election, and at that time, we'll vote the bad Democrats out. And in 2012, we'll vote out a bad president, along with the bad Republicans. But, until then, we can just keep on repeating the phrase that our school children are singing: mmm-mmm-mmm Barak Hussein Obama, mmm-mmm-mmm. I don't think we'll all be indoctrinated as easily as these school children.

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