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04 October 2009

Ich Mein Hableo Pablo Salut Mumbo Jumbo......Pop Click, Fizz

The scene is a very familiar one to most of us. It happened once again to me today; twice sort of. I went to pay my phone bill, and I was the only one that spoke in a manner understandable to the people working there. There was Spanish, some unknown Asian language and whatever that yo yo dog f this f that n word honky cracker mumble stuff that I think is called Ebonics but I’m not certain. I was there for two hours while the poor people working there tried to decipher what they were trying to accomplish. Early this morning while all sane people were still snuggling with their spouse or in today’s society of loose moral standards, their significant other, life partner, or whatever; I was asked for something and had no idea what was being asked of me because it was in another language. Thankfully somebody else that could understand was there because I can’t hand out Tylenol if I don’t understand that you have a headache.
Everywhere you go you see signs in 47 different languages, some that look like a toddler was cut loose with a pack of crayons trying to write something. Then when you call a place other than a human you have to listen for the number for English. Why is that? Our ancestors when they came here they had to learn English if they wanted to function in American society. Now we must tailor ourselves to learn every language known to man including Klingon to appease those that are too lazy to learn English. Right now there are liberals everywhere saying that we need to accommodate them. We need to make it easier for them to live in America. So we have to have signs, books, newspapers, magazines, toll free numbers, and street signs in Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, and that clicking thing that some tribes that have yet to learn what pants are still communicate in. We are doing an injustice to them by allowing this to go on.
The language that is spoken by the vast majority of Americans is English. If you come here and want to be a U.S. citizen you shouldn’t expect everyone else to speak whatever strange dialect that you utter. If I was going to try to live in France I think it would be a benefit to me to speak French, but what do I know, it is normal to expect that everyone should learn English when their national language is something else. The usual attacks made on the English language is that as Americans we go places and expect them to speak English. I don’t think that this is true, the places most Americans go have lots of people that speak English so that we do business with them, because we understand what they say. But if we moved there and expected everyone to know English that would be different.
If we don’t put our foot down soon, somebody is going to get the idea that we have to have everything printed in every language so that they can do whatever it is they are here to do. It isn’t right that anyone should travel to another country and expect them to speak your language unless that is what they already speak. Think about how much money could be saved if we made English the national language. You wouldn’t have to hire translators to rewrite everything and pay extra to print all the additional material in all languages.
In the bible the good Lord made it so that everyone building the tower of Babel spoke a different language so that they couldn’t understand each other. It sewed confusion among their ranks and they never finished. The same applies today, if you are told to draw blueprints for a building and the guy you got stuck with doesn’t speak the same language you will never get done.
So what we need to do is make it required that in order to be an American citizen you can read and write English. It is alright to speak in tongues but you still need to be fluent in English so that everyone else understands you. The Amish back home do this and it works out just fine. Then we can all live in peace and harmony man, cause we all like understand each other man.

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