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28 September 2009

Crazies Glow In The Dark

With Obama calling for the annihilation of nuclear weapons, a new nuclear threat arises. Iran has completed the last tests of its surface to surface missiles; the range of the Shahab -3 is capable of delivering a payload to Israel and parts of Europe. Wow, this does not come as a surprise to me. With the Ayatollah still having too much power (everyone say thank you to Jimmy Carter (who is “advising Obama)(this should raise some eyebrows) and his drunk brother Billy) anything could happen. If anything I believe that we should still have nukes. The reasoning is the knowledge and technology to build them is here, so if we get rid of them how do we know that another despot in places like Iran isn’t hiding his in the desert? It’s like if we took away all of the law abiding citizens guns, then only the criminals would have them.
From the reports these missiles are using solid fuel which shows the sophistication of them. With solid fuel the missiles are much more accurate, so instead of hitting the factory they can hit the school or vice versa. Now let’s think about this; we have had sanctions on Iran every year since 1979, what has this changed? All it does is make them madder than they were at us in 1978, other than that nothing has changed. One of the current reasons that we continue to sanction them is that they harbor Hezbollah, did we ever think that the reason they allow Hezbollah is that we have these sanctions on them and they want to use them as a means to fix that? So let’s take care of this the old fashion way; we’ll bomb their uranium plants, we can make it look like an accident, or just drop a couple bombs from a plane and accept responsibility for our actions. This is a reasonable approach, since they themselves pose a threat to national security, and some nuclear material just might make its way into the hands of Hezbollah or another group. If we destroy the plants like that there would be minimal loss of life, and it would take care of the threat without a large amount of dead and then maybe it will show them that we mean business. All of this talk about talking makes me sick. Have you ever heard the phrase lost in translation? Besides if we show them that we are not afraid to take action then maybe they will stop, obviously talking and sanctions hasn’t worked because we have been doing the same thing for thirty years and there has been no change.
The United Nations is supposed to be a way to peaceably prevent things like this from occurring, yet it doesn’t. I believe the reason is that the Iranians think that since everyone else has one why can’t we? It’s kind of like Rosie O’Donnell saying nobody should have guns, yet she has bodyguards that are packing heat. Next what gives somebody from another country the right to tell me what I can and cannot do? To be honest I think we should get out of the U.N. for the same reason. We already have enough problems with a federal government stepping on the toes of our home states and growing too big for their britches, and now we want an international group to pass laws for our own good. This unifying body whores out the U.S. to fight wherever they want us and nobody else participates. If we are to be in something like that it should be that the burden is shared instead of thrown to us because we are capable. Our founding fathers thought that it was wrong to be governed by a tyrant three thousand miles away; granted the U.N. building is in New York, but the people are not Americans governing Americans, they are random bureaucrats from all over the world trying to take away our guns, and do whatever else to us that would make us subjects like in their countries.
So now that a second whack job has nukes in the past couple months we are more than likely going to put stricter sanctions on them, and talk………… I mean scold them. As a kid a scolding, lecture, or talking to was not nearly as feared as a good spanking. What we need to do is grab by the hair bend them over our collective knees and beat the tan their hides with the switch we made them cut themselves. That is a universal language that everyone understands. Talking will lead to more talking lots of frustration and no effective change.
Nuclear weapons are not a nice thing to do to somebody, but on occasion I think some might deserve it. But they have done some good things such as prevent wars and more loss of life, when have two countries with nuclear weapons fought each other in a direct conflict? Whenever something like Cuba happens at all costs they work to prevent an actual war from breaking out. That is generally a good thing. So maybe they aren’t so bad after all, but still a necessary evil.

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