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25 September 2009

The Enda Justifies The Meanies

Imagine walking into a Christian bookstore with your children to purchase a bible, you pick it up and go to pay for it when you look at the (what you are assuming is a guy) and are shocked to see it wearing a pink shirt with a rainbow that says gay pride on it. Is this not odd? I would be shocked and not go there again. But this may very well be happening in the near future.
The Employment Non- Discriminatory Act was supposed to be voted on this past Wednesday, I have yet to find out if this has happened yet. The bill was originally backed in 1994 by none other than the drunken Ted Kennedy, it died in a subcommittee every year. This year they think things are going to be different; Obama himself gives his seal of approval. The bill basically forces people to hire gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. This time around though they have added a part that gives transsexuals and people that either don’t know what they are, or can’t decide. This applies even to religious institutions. So if your church votes on potential pastors, the government may just force you to hire the guy that preaches in drag. Is this right? I think not, one of the reasons that people came to America was religious freedom, and now they are basically trying to take this away from us. If this is passed and you want a job all you have to do is show up and act like an interior decorator and you’ll be guaranteed a job.
Another bill that I find similar in a couple of ways is the Fairness Doctrine; this is so that way the people can hear both sides of the argument. Wait, if I am listening to El Rushbo that is because I want to hear that side of the argument not what Nancy Pelosi has to say. What this is is a way for them to silence the opposition. If you’ve noticed the cause for every right wing thing is Rush Limbaugh, because he is against almost everything they stand for and what they try to accomplish. This is their way to silence him and all of those like him. The liberals have no voice; we on the other hand have numerous: Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Mike Gallagher, and Rush Limbaugh. Who does the left have, Alan Colmes? If they ever do get this passed all shows will be like this, the conservative talking, and the liberal acting like a tool bag, and never being able to say anything because they have no solid base. Every time I watched Hannity and Colmes, Colmes hardly ever said a word. If they base what is “fair” on how much both sides are shown, there will be no talk radio. We listen to that because we choose to listen to it.
We have them scared. They are trying to infringe upon our rights and quiet the voice of reason. Chances are that you never heard of these bills, but they have been around for a long time. But you haven’t heard of these, because they know how we’ll react. What else are they trying to do under the radar? The people are finally starting to act, but not enough.

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