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18 September 2009

I'm From the Government. Can I help you?

Did any of you see Sean Hannity last night? Sean talked about the devastation of farm land out in California where the United States government is refusing water to the farmers. All because of a little 2-inch fish! Currently, California is undergoing a drought and the farmers need this water diverted from the rivers to their croplands. These croplands produce 12% of our nation's food. One has to wonder where the wisdom is in turning off OUR water. Because they are turning off our water, unemployment in this area has nearly reached 40%. Many farmers are losing their farms, because the government is more interested in saving a 2-inch fish than saving American jobs. I guess it's more important that we start importing food from China, and keeping Chinese farmers employed, than our own. I think in 14 months, when the next election comes around, there should be some representatives that should be seeking a new job. We have to remember that these resources belong to the American people, and that they should be wisely used - not abused. That's conservation, not environmentalism, and conservation is much more important than environmentalism. Let's get the politics out of conservation.

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  1. Theodore Roosevelt once said something along the lines of the animals can't speak for themselves but this is rediculous. If we forgot about those stupid owls we could have AMERICAN oil, and lumber. So instead, I propose that we kill the tree huggers so that before the other oil runs out they turn into oil, then we can use all of the lumber we need.