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01 September 2009

Have We Forgotten?

I guess patriotism has died. Nobody cares any more. We try to take what this country was founded on and use it to line the litter box. They try to switch what has been working for us since the beginning to something that couldn’t last an entire century. We forget the atrocities that happened to our people, and talk and wear hats during the National Anthem. Yet we call ourselves Americans.
All of these statistics about people saying that the war in Afghanistan is a waste of time should be taken out and shot. Has it been so long ago that we forget what those hoggies did to the Pentagon and the World Trade Center? How about the embassy bombings that Clinton didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to step up and put a bullet in that cowards head for? Are all of these people lacking that much cranial capacity that we can’t remember what happened in the past ten years? These people attacked and killed Americans on American soil! And now we are just going to pull up roots and disgrace the memory of all those men and women that gallantly gave their lives and limbs to keep them over there, this makes no sense! Do they hate their country that much? If we don’t fight them there we will fight them here, and September 11th is a day that should have permanently seared that into our hearts and souls for all eternity. If I took one of your children out in the middle of the street and nailed a piece of intestine to a stop sign and chased them with a flamethrower; wouldn’t you want justice? Wouldn’t you want me stopped? Do you want this to happen to somebody else?
They continue to attack us, the same group of people, over, and over, and over again. But we did nothing about it. Sure we tried missile strikes half heartedly, but that rarely gets the targets we really want. The best medicine is boots on the ground. Well if we send more troops over there more will get killed. What are you smoking? A basic fundamental that is taught to 8404 corpsmen is the best medicine is fire superiority, basically if we want less casualties, and deaths we need to be putting more rounds down range. The best way to do this is to have more troops there in action. This can help in numerous ways; it lightens the burden because the job can be spread out among more people. This boosts morale. They don’t have to patrol everyday because there are more people to do it. To better illustrate this I will make smaller example because obviously there are a lot of people out there that can’t comprehend the simple points above mentioned; hence I have to write this. So I will make it simpler. When in a fighting hole it is best to another person in the hole with you, morale. One gets to sleep while the other is the lookout. There is someone to talk to, to pass the time. When needed there are four eyes instead of one. There is an extra rifle to better defend yourselves. With more troops, they can patrol larger areas and cover more ground so that the towelheads can’t run. This will speed things up a bit and that means the troops don’t need to be exposed as long.
Once again we should look at the long forgotten history books. Remember George Washington? He might have done a great deal to get us our independence, but without the help of the French we might be having tea time, and say things like bangers and eggs, and have a weird sense of humor. They stepped in when we needed it so that we could have freedom and democracy. If you can’t appreciate this you need to go to your just disinfected toilet, and drown yourself. This is the same thing we are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq, we could ask France for help; but it’s kind of hard to ask for help when there are secret police. Remember all those stories of Saddam’s torture rooms? Those people lived in constant fear.
Well we had no business in Iraq; there were no WMDs. Oh really? You must have been too young or not a twinkle in your old man’s eye yet, but there was a thing called the Iraq Iran war, where Saddam must of used pixie dust and beer farts instead of WMDs since no one can recall. There was an event that happened much closer to present time called the Gulf War, when U.S. troops found the labs and factories where they were they were making the stuff. Hmmmm, I guess the videos of testing these weapons on the Iraqi citizens were just propaganda made by the global elite to get us to go to war. And my one corps school instructor that was hit by a piece of shrapnel that was coated by some unknown agent that ate his radius and ulna so that now he sets of metal detectors, I guess he was part of this eeeville scheme? Oh and by the way that happened this go around. Fifty years from now some little boy with his Nike sneakers jamming to his American rock and roll on his iPod, kicking a real soccer ball is going to discover after a big sandstorm, a bunch of 55 gallon drums filled with bubonic plague. Think about it; they have an entire desert and we gave them ample time.
So for those of you that still want to moan and complain, just tie a couple cinder blocks to your legs, and make like Billy Joe McAllister. Or leave, we don’t want or need you here.


  1. I think some of the people you mentioned in the second paragraph feel that we deserved 9/11. It was all a part of the boomerang effect. Who masterminded the terrorist attacks? Who did the U.S. train to fight against Soviet invaders?

  2. Hey Devil Doc! Just look at who and what our fearless leader has surrounded himself with communist, draft dodgers and almost everything else unamerican you can think of replusive from the 60's. This person put a hook in the nose of the people, with his soomth talk and promises. However I'd still like to see a birth cert. med. records. But I would really like to hear him profess "Jesus is Lord." Take heart we know how the book ends.