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29 August 2009

Sloppin' The Hogs

Thinking of retirement? Have I got a new deal for you, you pay me $300 a paycheck until you’re sixty five and then I’ll give you $150 a month until you die. Sounds very good. You probably jumped right through the screen to talk to me. Yeah, this is what you are doing every day, paying money into something that you will never get equal or greater money out of. This makes no sense when you are putting money aside for your retirement, so why do we do it? Because we have to!
Social security was a bad idea from the start, people pay into it, the population grows and there isn’t enough money to go around. So guess what? You’ve been screwed by another democrat! It takes up 37% of government expenditures that could be better used on something else. Even though you’ve been paying into this scheme for years you still aren’t guaranteed to get your share, in the 1960 Supreme Court case Fleming v. Nestor, the court ruled that nobody was entitled to Social Security benefits; it is not a contractual right. Yet we are still forced to pay this unjust tax. Of course this is not mandatory on paper, but you can’t file your taxes without it, that is your serial number in the military. For the most part you are at a disadvantage if you don’t have a social security number, because as you know, the I.R.S. will get their money.
For all intensive purposes your SSN is the mark of the beast, try to get a loan or credit card without one. Part of the downfall of this is where the funds go. The Federal Reserve is existing under the façade of being a federal entity, but it is actually a private bank. For whatever reason money keeps disappearing from them and nobody knows where it went. $5 trillion of bailout money just up and vanished! This happens with social security money all the time. They are responsible for the Great Depression and the current economic crisis, it is their job to prevent this but ever since Woodrow Wilson signed them in they have failed us. They control interest rates, mortgage rates, and inflation. They do all of this to keep our economy thriving and they can’t do it.
When the stock market crashed in 1929, the Federal Reserve bankrolled the nation, but since at the time we couldn’t pay them bank they pushed the debt onto all future generations through social security. If you don’t believe me look it up. If you watch The Obama Deception on YouTube they explain much better.
Different times I have been told that social security was designed as a supplement to retirement. That is not what all the documentation and surrounding statements from the time state. One argument back then was that more jobs would be created because older people could retire. So that shoots that in the foot. Don’t you think that if that was the case those people would have already retired? No, it is a plain and simple Marxist principle, redistributing wealth. So if they really wanted to make this our retirement plan, then why don’t they make it better? A town in Texas did an experiment and invested the same money in private groups and made something like six times what they invested.
Social security is just that; socialism, it’s right there in the name. We have people that are out there scamming to get unemployment benefits, and then get the retirement benefits when they are old enough. These people can work, but they are looking “for a job” at the bottom of a bottle. We pay them to sit and be lazy, while we toil and slave to put food on the table. A great example is the film Million Dollar Baby, the daughter buys her mom a house and the mom goes nuts because they will cut her welfare benefits. So what she’ll have to be like the rest of us and work and contribute to society. What they are breeding here is dependence on the government. That is what the liberals want, America to be a bunch of piglets suckling themselves off the teats of the government. That of course contributes to why social security will go bankrupt because we have people collecting the money before retirement and never paying into it, so those that do end up getting screwed because more is being given out than went in.
We need to stop paying people to sit around and do nothing. This whole they owe me mentality is destructive. We need to stop paying into a flawed socialist system. Why don’t they stop taking it from us, or use it to lower the deficit. The whole number being your identity thing is a bit crazy to, its like prison, you’re a number not a name. This madness needs to come to an end.

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