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13 September 2009

Can You Hear Us Now?

Mad Dog 20/20 & Eun

As we descended onto the landing platform at the Glenmont metro station with our cameras and flags, Mad Dog 20/20 and I, along with four other compatriots who'd traveled with us were slowly surrounded by other flag- and sign-wielding Americans. The metro car was quickly dubbed the "Tea Party Express" and filled with passengers dressed in patriotic garb.
We exited the station at Metro Center alongside people dressed in yellow "Don't Tread on Me" shirts. We stepped onto the sidewalk beside people carrying state flags. Falling into step with the crowd, we merged into the main crowd at Freedom Plaza.

Joining the crowds at 14th & PA Ave.

After a great deal of staring in awe at the number of people (which was steadily growing), Mad Dog 20/20 and I joined the crowds that had begun to march toward the Capitol. Patriots filled the streets as we marched side by side and spilled onto the sidewalks. Parents pushed strollers, the disabled rode in motorized wheelchairs, and some senior citizens stood alongside the street bearing homemade signs.

We chatted amicably and chanted furiously. "USA" and "You lie!" were alternately shouted between strains of "God Bless America" and "My Country 'Tis of Thee." As we passed the Newseum, which happens to have the first amendment inscribed on its wall, people cried, "Read that wall!" The Dome, which once loomed in the distance, slowly grew larger as we neared. People continually joined our no-longer silent ranks from the side streets.

Once we reached the lawn of the Capitol, we swarmed onto the lawn and quickly found standing room or set up blankets and lawn chairs. People filled not only the entire lawn, but spilled into surrounding grassy areas and surrounded the pool in front of the Capitol building. After being told that we could not be on the Mall, crowds responded with, "We own the Mall!" (and extended the entire one-mile length of the Mall).

Rumors of numbers flew through the crowds. Prior to the march, 250,000 - 300,000 were expected. As we reached the Capitol, numbers grew to 500,000 - 1 million. CNN later reported "tens of thousands" -- and they were right . . . if you multiply that a few times (I swear, it seemed like tens of thousands were in line ahead of me for the port-a-potty). The UK's Daily Mail reported "up to a million" -- a number closer to the park service's unofficial estimate of up to 2.5 million. Regardless of the actual numbers, a good number of Americans were present yesterday, from every state. Over 450 buses drove to Washington. One couple from Mississippi Mad Dog and I spoke with had sold their vehicle in order to afford the transportation and lodging. Those unable to attend physically attended in spirit, as over 200 tea parties were held nationally. The people who attended weren't astroturfers. They weren't paid to be there. They made sacrifices. They were real Americans, and they represented the real America. The America our government has forgotten.

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