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13 September 2009

Bulemia The Diet That Would Work

Since the beginning of time man has ruled/ governed man. This must have seemed like a natural thing to do; the Israelites begged for a king so that they could be like everyone else. In the animal world they have leaders that gain power through violence, with wolf packs the alpha male is determined by whoever challenges the current alpha male and wins. Why this is necessary is beyond me, what does the alpha male do? Tell them when and where they can’t howl at the moon? How often they can poop in the woods? So in theory we could live in peace and harmony without a leader. But the government is supposed to be there for our protection and betterment, so if we planted crops the government can prevent someone from trying to steal our crops. So it is not needed for survival purposes, but we utilize it for a better living.
The United States government was founded as a republic and a democracy, so we vote on people to represent us and make decisions for us by what is suppose to be a majority election. These people are chosen because they share the same beliefs as we do and we have faith in them that they will do what is in our best interest. So if they do something that the majority of us are against then are they really representing us? The democratic party says that the healthcare bill will pass this coming fall. So let’s go to an authority on finding out what the people think. The Rasmussen polls say that 53% of Americans are against the healthcare bill, over all 70% of Americans are for lower taxes and less government services. I think this should tell you something, the democrats are going to do whatever they please. Last time I checked 53% is over half, but heck, what do I know? (Of course these polls are not 100% accurate, they have never asked me my thoughts, so the best way for this would be to have a national vote) They are failing the people that put them in their power. That is not how a democratic republic is supposed to work. Basically what they are doing is seizing power and telling us what we are to do. They could care less what the people are telling them; “this bill will pass.” If it is in our interest and this important that it gets done why have we waited this long for this bill to come to a vote? If it was in the peoples best interest how come there are some many against it?
The power from any government comes from the people, even in a dictatorship. If we all came together and said no we aren’t doing it then they would have no power. This is something that they are trying their hardest to do, and if they do it you will participate. Because it is evil if you don’t have government health insurance. We need to let them know that we are their boss, I have no idea what makes them think that they are better than we are, that we are that inferior that we will elect them to be tyrants over us. I guess all men are created went the way of the dodo; they were once like us, but I guess making a career out of politics you forget where you came from. Our founding fathers worked really hard to prevent our government from being corrupt, but the people need to help. We can’t let the best and most successful system go bad.
I was reading up on other things when I came upon the GOP website and I found something on there that sums up my beliefs and what is best for us and I think deep down everyone does. Individuals, not government, can make the best decisions; all people are entitled to equal rights; and decisions are best made close to home. This is the cornerstone of the republican platform. What is wrong with this? This is simple and it is how our government was meant to work, instead we have people trying to get an even bigger government. Government is for the majority, why are we paying for an ever growing minority to sit on their cans collecting my money and they are doing nothing but getting wasted off of my money.
Today people view the government as the mommy and daddy and that they need to get all that they can from them even though they are grow adults. This is pathetic, that is not the government’s job. I don’t know where eugenics research, and its cover planned parenthood is in the best interests of the majority of the American people. Yet the tax money, our money is being whored out to whoever or whatever someone claims they need money for. So we fund things like General Motors, I’m a Mopar man, and GM isn’t the only car company so why are we paying for this? Yet everyday money gets shelled out for a bunch of stupid things. When a new company is starting why can’t they raise the money themselves the old fashion way? That’s what everyone did at one point and time so it works and doesn’t make everyone else carry your weight and have to pay even more later while getting nothing in return. Common sense should prevail.
The federal government was set up as a weak central government to unify the states, so that way states had most of the power. This keeps the government small so that the power truly comes from the people. But somewhere down the line this was forgotten by enough people that a war was started causing many people to die, the side that won was the side that forgot, and as history shows, it’s the winners that write history. They perverted the true cause to justify what happened, but the truth is still there. It was the War Between the States. The war started in 1861; it wasn’t until after the battle of Antietam in 1862 that the Emancipation Proclamation was written, so if it was slavery that caused it then why weren’t the slaves freed before it started?
When a government gets big it becomes insecure about itself, that’s when you have secret police, and big brother. Because they know people hate them because they are not doing what a government should be doing. They have nothing better to do. That is no way to live, and doesn’t serve in anyone’s best interest except those in power.
So when are we going to stop slaving away for our government? When is it going to start working in everyone’s best interest, and doing what we want it to do? Why does the government tell us what to do? Aren’t we supposed to be telling them? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants- Thomas Jefferson

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