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02 September 2009

I'm a cop!

For the month of August I was at pre-deployment training in Louisianna...and what did I learn? I learned that if I wish to detain anyone or clear a house (unless for my safety) in Iraq I need a warrent...yes..from an actual judge. I'm no cop...I'm army Infantry...a sniper at that! Oh..and if I wish to use a house to snipe out of it needs to be totally empty and deserted. If one person is sitting in that house its "Against the rules in iraq" to use it now. honestly. This war isnt a war anymore...this war is U.S. troops being police officers...and it doesn't help. My first deployment if a terrorist admited some of his wrong-doings we slapped him on the wrist and found him a job...no lie...pathetic...and I'm sorry that my first post is a rant haha

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