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03 September 2009

Indoctrination Round II

Just as a forewarning, I intend to rant about my classes so feel free to skip over this entry.

The first week is finally over (I've been wanting to bash my head off of a wall since it started), and I can already say that I agree that Sophomore year is the most difficult. I am currently taking a course regarding journalism, and today my professor was talking about Sarah Palin and her so-called "death panels." He also mentioned Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and their lies -- they're "idiots. I'm not being very tactful here, but it really is idiocy on one level." The best part is that, in the first class, we were required to write biographies of ourselves as writers. I included in my biography that I attended the Glenn Beck show, which enabled me to better understand broadcast media.
Directly after this class, I have a class on Obama's foreign policy. Please note that this class is not American foreign policy, but Obama's foreign policy. And, goodness, we are just in such an exciting time right now, having Obama as president! The class is actually quite informative. I've learned that we knew 9/11 was going to happen, and therefore if the world was just, Condoleezza Rice would be imprisoned. We also deserved 9/11 due to the boomerang effect, because we really can't control people (go figure). This imperialistic war needs to stop! Saddam was really just a dictator like any other. All of the starvation and everything else that occurred in Iraq due to U.N. sanctions was our fault. Also, the "let's roll" story wasn't true, though it's inspiring. It doesn't match up. In reality, people saw ground-to-air missiles launch, and that's what took down the plane in Pennsylvania. No, really.

"Where are we going? Back in time?" -Michael Mallone
"We don't have to. We're at a university." -Gen. Patton
-An American Carol


  1. crazies seem to attract crazies. just see who our president is surrounding himself with. environmental wackos, communists, racists, and throw-backs from the sixties. just hold your nose and survive.

  2. Just do what needs to be done to get through this, as unpleasant as it is. To defeat the crazy people we have to know them. The will honest and unbiast leaders in the future.