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15 January 2009

Reloading & Qassams

Yesterday, the Standard-Journal published an article regarding a bill "currently in state legislature" which "would require all bullets and cartridge cases to be marked with a code and registered to the owners in a computerized database, therefore, reloading would be outlawed."

QassamCount enables Facebook users to donate their status to raise awareness about the number of rockets that have hit Israel. Updates are provided on either a live or daily basis, depending on the user's preference.

B.H.: We're just like Germany, 1935.
D.G.: No, you mean 1931.
B.H.: The National Firearms Act wasn't passed until 1935.
D.G.: You're right, but--
D.J.: Anyone for '34? '33?

B.M.: I thought we had a motley crew over here. And then I looked over at your table.

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