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25 January 2009

What about Israel?

I noticed in a FOXNews article that Hamas is proposing a year-long truce. The article mentioned that Israel and Hamas are building "on a fragile cease-fire . . . after a 22-day Israeli assault to end Hamas rocket fire, which killed some 1,300 Palestinians" (FNC). The article also mentioned that "first estimates show Gaza suffered about $2 billion in damages during the Israeli air strikes and ensuing ground offensive" (FNC).
The article mentioned nothing about the number of Israeli lives lost or the damages done by Hamas.

Since I haven't seen my roommate in six weeks, we had a lot of catching up to do. For two and a half hours, we talked straight politics and watched An American Carol (it was her first time!). But, since I've already seen the movie three times, she let me read her copy of The American Conservative (mine is probably in my campus mailbox, which I have yet to check). The "Spirit of '76" article is so true!

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