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31 March 2009

Miracle in Massachussetts

Forty-five-year-old Robert Lemire, father of two, "was talking on his cell phone Sunday evening outside a pizza shop in Lawrence, about 25 miles north of Boston, when he saw [a] toddler dangling from a window across the street. He "bolted across a busy street, where he met 23-year-old Alex Day, who had been inside the home at a Bible study meeting. Together, they caught the 18-month-old before she hit the ground" (MSNBC). The two men are now being hailed as heroes by police.
Can you imagine what would have happened if Lemire wasn't talking on his phone at the time, or if he hadn't looked up? And what if Day would have just continued with his Bible study? God is good.

Positive stories will now be listed under the label "Happy News" until I can think of something less ridiculous. However, if you follow me on Twitter, I typically label positive stories as either "happy news" or with smiley faces.

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