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27 March 2009

Richardson's Death Saves Girl

Last night my roommate and I watched "V for Vendetta." In one scene, amidst the chaos the terrorist/freedom fighter V has caused, Chancellor Sutler angrily declares, "What we need right now is a clear message to the people of this country. This message must be read in every newspaper, heard on every radio, seen on every television. I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want everyone to remember why they need us!" Immediately thereafter, the media is filled with stories of anarchy and chaos from across the globe.
My roommate and I looked at each other and agreed that "V for Vendetta" is entirely too close to reality for our liking. It seems that every time I check the news, there are more depressing stories than positive ones. I can count on two hands the number of devastating plane crash stories I've heard in the year 2009 alone.
In light of all of the depressing news, I've decided to post about happy stories, too.

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, even if the reason is not immediately apparent to us. Natasha Richardon's untimely death on March 18 created quite a stir -- and it's a good thing it did. Seven-year-old Morgan McCracken of Ohio "was hit in the head with a baseball during a game with her dad and brother in the family backyard" (MSN). Morgan's parents iced her head and afterwards, she seemed perfectly fine. However, "Morgan's mom and dad . . . learned of Natasha Richardson's accident . . . and wondered if their daughter was truly OK following the baseball accident. . . . That night, Morgan began complaining of a headache, so the family ventured out to the emergency room. Morgan was in such bad shape by the time they got there that she had to be transferred to a children's hospital by helicopter, where she was immediately taken into surgery. . . . The McCrackens learned there that Morgan had the same injury that Natasha Richardson had died of" (MSN). Her parents were told by their doctor that, if they "'hadn't brought [Morgan] in Thursday night, she never would have woken up'" (MSN). Morgan is reportedly doing fine and recovering from her surgery.

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