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01 March 2009

Wine in Iran & Drug Wars in Mexico

According to the Qur'an, alcohol is a "great sin, and some profit, for men" (2:219) and "Satan's handiwork" (5:90).
With that in mind, freelance journalist Roxana Saberi was arrested on January 31 for purchasing wine, and called her parents on February 10 to let him know what happened. She has not been heard from since then. Saberi had "moved to Iran six years ago and had previously reported for NPR, the BBC and FOX News, had her press credentials revoked, and was not working as a journalist" (FNC). Her father "believes [she] was writing a book about Iran at the time of her arrest" (FNC).
I don't understand why she was purchasing alcohol in the first place.

Drug wars in Mexico have killed 400 people in two months alone, according to a CNN video. "More than 5,300 people were killed in Mexico last year in connection to criminal activity" (FNC), 1,600 being killed in Juarez. Fifty of that 1,600 were police officers. Cartels are hunting the mayor of Juarez and his family, who are currently hiding in Texas. Texas officials, meanwhile, "are planning for the worst-case scenario: how to respond if the violence spills over the border, and what to do if thousands of Mexicans seek refuge in the United States" (FNC).
Fewer people have died since the beginning of the Iraq War than have died in the past year in Mexico. I find that completely absurd. Why are these people resorting to drugs? What pushes people to violence? Fortunately for Mexico, the US has decided to permanently ban the sale of assault rifles . . . because clearly such a ban will help Mexico. Since it clearly can't help itself.

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