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01 April 2009

Cry Wolf

Today, "a suspected U.S. drone fired two missiles . . . at an alleged hide-out connected to a Taliban leader who has threatened to attack Washington, killing 12 people and wounding several others" (FNC). Even though the attack has decimated one of Baitullah Mehsud's hide-outs, according to the FBI, Mehsud "had made several threats previously and . . . there was no indication of anything imminent" (FNC).
If I'm reading this correctly, the FBI is dismissing Mehsud's threats because this isn't the first time he's made them. Quite frankly, I feel that a threat against national security should be taken seriously, regardless of how many times an extreme militant Taliban leader has made them.

Also, "'If the brigandish U.S. imperialists dare to infiltrate spy planes into our airspace to interfere with our peaceful satellite launch preparations, our revolutionary armed forces will mercilessly shoot them down,'" claimed North Korea's state radio. However, the aforementioned planes are capable of reaching ten mile altitudes, and it is uncertain as to whether or not North Korea possesses the capabilities to shoot them down.

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