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04 May 2009

Importing Politicians

According to Daniel Hannan's blog, he's "still doing four or five American radio shows a week. The interviewers . . . keep asking [him] to move to the US which, given their general view of immigration, [he] take[s] as a great compliment. Even the internet's foremost libertarian, Judge Napolitano, seems to want [him] to run for American public office."
Personally, I feel that Americans have no qualms with immigrants -- at least those who enter the country legally. Therefore, regarding a general view of immigration, I believe it more or less depends on whether one refers to legal or illegal immigration.
If Daniel Hannan were ever to defect to the United States and run for public office, I would definitely vote for him. I feel that we are in desperate need of someone who is blunt and not afraid to offend anyone. However, I also believe that the United Kingdom, being approximately ten years ahead of the US in terms of its fall, is in need of Daniel Hannan and people like him (not that Gordon Brown seems to listen to them, anyway). So, instead of importing someone to knock some heads together and keep this country from degenerating, let's just find someone who believes in God and country. There were plenty in Glenn Beck's studio Friday afternoon.

I just checked the conversion rate for USD and GDP. After returning to England two years ago from Italy, I converted $200USD to approximately £87GBP. Today, $200USD is equal to approximately £134GBP.

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