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10 May 2009

Due Tomorrow

In a story completely unrelated to and far less entertaining than the above, "more than 110 students at Pueblo County High School were given two minutes to to come up with their history project" (FNC). What was their history project? "To plot an act of terrorism by a foreign government on American soil as part of a lesson on terrorism." Parent Gini Fischer, said that "'To ask them to use their creative energies to come up with a plot for an act of terrorism is very ludicrous.'" "The school superintendent told [TheDenverChannel.com] students may have misinterpreted the assignment."
. . . Just how does one "misinterpret" such an assignment? Just as ludicrous as the assignment is the superintendent's response. And what sort of an educator devised such an assignment? I studied terrorism last semester in International Politics, and not once did my professor require me to create my own terrorist plot.

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