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05 May 2009

Georgia Mutinies, Sawat and Hacking

"A tank battalion mutinied Tuesday at a Georgian military base near the capital and the base has been sealed off" (FNC). "The Interior Ministry's Utiashvili said the suspected coup plot was organized by a former special forces commander, Georgy Gvaladze. Gvaladze and an army officer on active duty have been arrested. . . . The Interior Ministry has a video of Gvaladze talking to his supporters about the planned coup. . . . In the video, Gvaladze is shown saying that 5,000 Russian troops will come to support the coup, which was planned for Thursday. . . . The base's tank battalion of about 500 army personnel had announced that they would refuse to follow orders."

Pakistan has urged people of Sawat to evacuate, and a camp for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) has been erected in Dargai. "The army says it has killed more than 100 militants as it attempts to drive the militants back into the Taliban-controlled Swat Valley" (FNC). "Pakistani militants have threatened a campaign of suicide blasts in retaliation for U.S. missile strikes on al-Qaida and Taliban strongholds into Pakistan's northwest and for a string of military operations by government forces."

North Korea has expanded its cyber warfare unit to include "100 personnel, mostly graduates of a Pyongyang university that teaches computer skills," (FNC) which attempts "to hack into U.S. and South Korean military networks to gather confidential information and disrupt service."
A year or two ago, I remember mentioning to a military recruiter friend that China had hacked into our government (or maybe military) network. He simply replied with, "China hacks us, we hack them, it's an ongoing thing to see who's better." Regardless of whether or not hacking is viewed as a competition, it can have serious repercussions. And I, quite frankly, would be much happier knowing that confidential information is not being hacked into and distributed.

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