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10 June 2009


David Letterman Slammed For Sex Jokes About Palin's Teen Daughter
This is disgusting and hardly a laughing matter. Hasn't bashing Gov. Palin gotten a bit old? Letterman needs to be more creative and find something less crude.

At the weekly farmers' market today, I discovered something called "souse" (which I pronounced "soose" when asking my mother about it). Despite my fondness for scrapple, as well as deer jerky and deer bologna (and basically anything else you can make out of deer), I cannot wrap my mind around the concept of souse (pronounced sowse), which, despite having lived in Central PA for almost my entire life, I have never tasted. It must be fairly common, however, because as I was asking my mom what souse is, a woman passing by overheard our conversation and smiled. After mom said, "You won't like it," the woman said, "She might, you never know." I looked at the woman and said, "I don't even know what it is! I didn't even know it was edible!"

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