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25 July 2009

American Revolution

The Revolutionary War (one of my favorites to study) began in 1775 and ended in 1783. The Revolutionary War included English forces, American Colonial forces, Hessians (defeated Christmas Day when George Washington crossed the Delaware!) and the French (most notably Lafayette, who was thanked and repaid on the beaches of Normandy in the nineteen-forties).
In 1766, the British imposed the Townshend Act, which taxed a great deal of British imports. The Colonists, however, were not represented in England, hence "no taxation without representation." In 1773, frustrated Colonists dressed up as Mohawks and dumped boxes upon boxes of tea (342 chests) into the Boston Harbor. It was repeated in spirit across the country earlier this year.

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  1. We're weren't such angels. lol

    One of the hidden reasons behind the Boston Tea Party is that the British tax actually made tea cheap for the colonists. We didn't like that, however, because underlying it all, we had a smuggling ring going for black market tea. The British had the tax so we wouldn't do just that. So to be the instigators that we are, we dumped the lot of it into the harbor. *shakes head* Trufax, though.

  2. Psh fine ;). Less than 30 min. to research and write -- this is worse than finals week.

    Thanks for the information, though!

  3. lol That's fine! I wasn't saying that you were wrong. I didn't know this until I read it in my one book that I got. I recommend it though. It's called "Redcoats and Rebels" by Christopher Hibbert. It's a book on the Revolution through British eyes. You'd like it. :P