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25 July 2009

C Rations & MREs

Army colonel Henry A. Moak, Jr. not only opened, but also ate, "an old military 'C' Ration can of pound cake from 1969 at his retirement ceremony" (FNC), which obtained "as a Marine helicopter pilot off the Vietnamese coast in 1973. He vowed to hang on to it until the day he retired, storing it in a box with other mementos" (FNC). After taking a bite, "Moak pronounced the cake 'good' . . . [and] even a little moist'" (FNC).

Speaking of old rations, does anyone know how old this MRE is?

If donations reach $250 by the end of the Blogathon at 9AM EST, I will eat this MRE. It's been setting on my desk as more or less an artifact.


  1. Ewwww...that's rather gross.

    But...it's for a good cause. *shrugs* lol

  2. I know right?! I would definitely eat it for $250 for IAVA.

  3. I have lived off mres some are good others not so good, as for age they last forever, make sure you have a laxitive handy. If there is a milkshake inside it has been recalled so don't drink it. Don't eat it before bed because most of them have niacin in everything and will keep you awake for a while, and be prepared to run a lot if you aren't doing a lot of physical activity,