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25 July 2009

If you ran for President, what would your platform be?

First of all, a twenty-eighth amendment would be needed.

Any person who has completed no less than twelve years of military service or who became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America prior to his or her sixth birthday, and who has attained at least thirty-five years of age shall be eligible for the office of President.

Illegal immigrants shall be deported immediately upon discovery of their status. I believe the security of our nation is vital. However, the immigration interview fee shall also be reduced and/or be made partially refundable if citizenship is not granted. ICE shall also be expanded.
A wall with lasers or a DMZ could also prove helpful, as well as a shantytown constructed along the border and inhabited by gun-clinging rednecks. Also, the military could use the southern border as a training ground. Those drug dealers would be pretty tough targets.

I do not believe in global warming -- Earth's climate changes over time. However, I do believe that humans do impact the environment (though perhaps not to the extent that many believe). We must be responsible for ourselves, and eco-friendly options should be made more readily available.
If border patrol loses effectiveness and aliens continue to cross the border, littering and devastating the southern wildlife and ecosystem, then we might as well start drilling in Alaska.

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