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25 July 2009

Interview with an Airman

A brief interview with Airman First Class Keefer. Mainly because he's sitting right next to me.

LL: Why did you enlist in the Air Force?
A1C: To serve my country.

LL: Why did you choose the Air Force?
A1C: I felt it would help me accomplish all of my future goals.

LL: How long have you currently served in the Air Force?
A1C: Two plus [years].

LL: How long do you plan on serving in the Air Force?
A1C: Twenty plus [years].

LL: What is your MOS and what does it entail?
A1C: Security Forces, a combination of military police and combat infantry.

LL: What do you like most about the Air Force?
A1C: Not coming home to see my girlfriend that often . . . haha.

LL: What was BMT like?
A1C: Briefer than other branches', though it focuses more on human relations.

LL: What is your work schedule like?
A1C: It changes all the time -- currently four days on, four days off, twelve hour shifts.

I'll add more if I think of more questions.

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