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25 July 2009

My Workspace v. 2.0

The Army race car is from SFC Bills, which he gave me the day I job shadowed him the summer before my Junior year of high school. He also gave me the Army mouse pad. The print-out below the car is a screenshot of the Glenn Beck episode my dad and I attended. The Mary and Joseph statue was a Christmas gift from my parents -- I love it. The three papers in front of the stack of books are Afghani propaganda. I also love my autographed Glenn Beck Show ticket, and there are random bobby pins all over my room. The die-cast HUMMVW was a yard-sale purchase eons ago, but I still love it. And the half-visible woodcut is my grandfather's garage. I'm also obsessed with Post-Its.

1 comment:

  1. Your desk is so cute! :3

    lol I know all about your obsession with Post-It notes. I remember them being all over your desk. XD