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16 July 2009

Racial Condescension

The president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce accused Sen. Barbara Boxer on Thursday of racially condescending to him during an Environment and Public Works Committee hearing.
Republican members of the committee had sought the testimony of Harry C. Alford, an opponent of a climate change bill that narrowly passed in the House.
Alford said in his opening statement that he spoke on behalf of his organization when he argued that the bill would have devastating consequences for small and minority-owned businesses.
But he took offense when Boxer countered his statement by quoting an NAACP resolution that approved the climate change bill and putting it on the record.

Alford believed the statements to be racially condescending, saying that, "'I'm the National Black Chamber of Commerce and you're trying to put up some other black group to pit against me'" (FNC). In response, Boxer protested that, "'There is definitely differing opinions in the black community, just as there are in my community' . . . adding that she was trying to show the diversity of support behind the climate change bill" (FNC).

While the statements may have been relevant, I'm certain that other relevant statements exist that have been made by other racial communities. In my opinion, Alford played into Boxer's use of the race card with her, "differing opinions in the black community, just as there are in my community" statement. If she's not being racially condescending, then she shouldn't have created the line between the two racial communities, in my opinion. On the other hand, no group, regardless of racial, political, or religious affiliation (or any other affiliation, for that matter), always agrees. It should only stand to reason that the NBCC and the NAACP would be at odds from time to time, and the mention of their difference in perspective should only be noted as such -- not as a condescension. I would also like to note that, regardless of how offensive any statement may be, we do live in a country in which its citizens are granted the right to freedom of speech.

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