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23 July 2009


"The government says the number of newly laid-off workers seeking jobless benefits rose last week, though the report was distorted by the timing of auto plant shutdowns" (FNC).
Unemployment, regardless of the means by which it is dealt, still results in the loss of a job, a steady and most likely necessary income. "Distorted."

In preparation for the Blogathon (for which $40 in donations has been pledged to IAVA!), I've been attempting to do some research on military history. So far, I've found some interesting information on the 4080 Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, as well as the U-2, and I've been looking for information on Operation Grasshopper and Operation Quarterback (Vietnam War). I am very much looking forward to twenty-four hours of blogging, and have even recruited a friend to spend most (if not all) of the Blogathon with me.

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