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25 July 2009

What factors led you to support or not support the war?

Following September 11, I was caught up in the patriotic fervor that embodied the nation, though I didn't really understand it. The French? I hated them. Iraq? We should bomb it. Later, though, I became more educated on matters and as I matured, I was able to make my own decisions regarding the war.
I will always support our troops. Supporting our troops also means supporting their cause, in my opinion.
I believe that this war was declared under completely legitimate circumstances. Based on what my deployed friends tell me, the American military is doing great things for the Iraqi and Afghan peoples. I support what they do, the sacrifices they make.
Many of the men in my family have served in the armed forces. My paternal grandfather was at Pearl Harbor. My maternal grandfather is a Korean War veteran. My dad and uncle both served during the Vietnam War. Burning flags and thanking God for IEDs simply doesn't register in my brain.
Having close friends in a war zone truly changes one's perspective on things. Regardless, I am very proud of all of our men and women serving in the armed forces.

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