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16 August 2009

Beating A Dead Horse

Now is a great time to remember the phrase beating a dead horse. Every time I get something to eat at the galley Communist News Network is talking about one of two things: Michael Jackson, or town hall meetings. I am sick and tired of hearing about Jackson, he died how long ago now, over a month ago and they are still talking about it. He is planted; the worms are eating into his brain, that is one thing less for little boys to worry about, the boogeyman, eating vegetables, and Michael Jackson that one is over. So why is it still a big deal? Then the town hall meetings, isn’t there something else for the news media to cover?
I think by now we get the picture, enough people left their brains covered with lime at the bottom of the outhouse this past November and now realize the error. Now that we see what type of shenanigans he is trying to pull, we naturally want to complain, which is fine by all means, it is only right we should since he is supposed to be representing our ideals, and there isn’t a chapter on this in Communist Manifesto, so he needs a little help. But that is all they want to talk about, it’s ridiculous. Now somewhere there is a meeting with the democratic committee to make America communist gathering around a table scratching their heads wondering how their timeline is off, and thinking about maybe in ten years we can try this again with success.
What does every president want? A second term. So they do what would be the least controversial in their first term, in hopes that they don’t upset enough people to cost them the next election. If you aren’t happy this time around be smart and vote for a republican. (Which you should have done in the first place. Then we never would have had this problem to begin with.) But if this is what he thinks is the least controversial , what does he have planned for his second term. This thought has kept me up for countless hours, pondering what types of evil he might have conjured up. If this thought isn’t scary you either forgot to dust the lime off your brain, forgot to pull your brain out of the outhouse, or you never had one had to start with.
Norman Thomas a six time presidential candidate for the socialist party once said: “The American people would never vote for socialism, but under the name liberalism the American people would adopt every fragment of the socialist program.” Most people don’t realize how true this statement is, but it is how we have what we have now, and for the next couple years we are stuck with it. So next time you see somebody driving along in their little hybrid, with an Obama sticker on it, take your .2 mpg SUV and run them over, they deserve it.

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