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25 August 2009

Honey I'm Not Stopping For Directions

So as the national deficit reaches an all time high, I think it is time to ask, why? As of 1355 today, or for you army types, Mickey’s big hand is on the…. Anyhow, the national debt is at $11,734,241,780,087.89. With an estimated population in the U.S. of 306,799,737 every man, woman, and child would have to shell out $38,247.24 to make us even. The last I had heard was in the spring of ’07 and the debt was nine trillion something, and it would cost everyone $27,000 to get us out of this slump. Since September 28 2007 the national debt has risen $3.9 billion a day! I recall the messiah saying something about lowering it, yet as of yesterday I was hearing claims that it will go up an additional 2 trillion. Now today I heard that it might go up another 11 trillion!
Of course those are just rough figures, but why are we here? Have they not heard of a sound financial principle that if you don’t have it you can’t spend it? But what do they care; it is only the tax payers money. Roosevelt made the same promise during his first presidential campaign he promised to lower government spending by 25%; instead he increased spending by 83%! During the Great Depression he pulled this crap. Now at what is the worst economic crisis since then, we have another savior trying to do the same thing that has been proven not to work. So since they can’t seem to do their jobs I’ll help out and all they have to do is vote for them.
Eliminate all luxuries for inmates. They screwed up, they wronged. They broke the law. Yet they get to call people for free. I am in the military and I have to pay to use the phone. They get cable TV, I don’t even have a TV and I haven’t killed anyone. Do you know that they get steak and lobster? While our troops are eating freeze dried, dehydrated slop and getting blown up, the scum of the earth, the dregs of society are eating steak and lobster. They get Christmas presents that you I pay for while we have people that can’t even buy food for their families. I thought prison was supposed to be hard time not a vacation. There are inmates that get released and go right back into prison because they don’t have to do anything and live well. My dad has seen this; I hear stories all the time about it. So I even know how we can fix it, and stop prison violence and the spread of AIDS and drugs in the prison system.
The inmate is in a cell all by their lonesome, with a bed, a toilet and a sink. They are fed essentially bread and water. Once a week they can do laundry, and get a shower. They can only receive one screened letter consisting of one page a month and they are given the opportunity to write their family once a month. Once a month they get to spend some more quality alone time in an open area for one hour to exercise. The rest of the time they are in their cell, so that they can reflect on how they did wrong. That will make that pervert think twice before going into the park and telling little kids he has a lollipop. To save more money we can use the death penalty more often so that there is more room, and more incentive to stay on the straight and narrow. For lesser risk criminals we can use them to do jobs that are dangerous or that nobody wants to do, like clean up along the roadside. Also they wouldn’t be getting paid.
Another way to save money is to cut down on luxuries for politian’s. In 1996 at the cost of $50,000 Air Force One, was equipped with a deck of gold embossed playing cards. Apparently they didn’t realize that you could get a deck for a dollar at a gas station, or if you’re in a good mood a buck fifty for Aviators. We pay congress, presidents, all those people for the rest of their lives. What are they doing that serves the people that is worth that money when they no longer hold their position? Nothing! Do you pay the plumber if he doesn’t come by and fix anything? No, why would anyone pay for a service that you aren’t using? It doesn’t make sense. They live in the lap of luxury, not following the rules that they pass down to us, while collecting a pretty good paycheck. Then continue to get that paycheck until they finally push up daisies. (If only some would do it faster) Most are already wealthy, so why do they need the money? A large amount were lawyers, they must have sucked at that or else they’d still be doing that because there is more money in it. No they are already wealthy, they should get paid while doing their job, then get out and do whatever it is they did before without the people having to pay them for getting fat and continuing to annoy.
On your tax form that you usually fill out around April 14th every year there is a box asking you if you want a dollar of your taxes to go the presidential campaign. That should be removed. Why is it necessary that the taxpayers pay for another puppet of the communist party to run a smear campaign against someone that could probably do a great job without taxing the living snot out of everyone? They don’t need it, it isn’t a concern of the people that the Blair Witch Hillary can’t come up with the funds to do a fake safari to try and get the hunters support. It is a waste.
So there. I just saved loads of money by thinking logically. We don’t need to raise taxes we can keep them the same and still lower the deficit, or lower taxes, maybe both when we get out of the U.N. But we just have to let it work for a year or so. But this makes me wonder, why don’t we the people say anything about this? Are we just zombies that pay taxes and don’t care what they do with our hard earned money? It is our money, our government that is supposed to be benefitting us, so why do we let this happen all of the time? It is time for us to put or collective feet down, and them in Washington that we are tired of their stupid little games. Checkmate, you pinko!


  1. Fortunately the Messiah has super powers, right? What we need is MORE taxes so we can hire EVERYONE to be a community organizer, therefore there will be no unemployment. Sounds like a Marxist's utopia.

  2. Aren't community organizers and political commissars the same? Just like in the old U.S.S.R.