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03 August 2009

One Year From Tonight

Iran has perfected the technology to create and detonate a nuclear warhead and is merely awaiting the word from its Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to produce its first bomb, Western intelligence sources have told The Times of London.

The sources said that Iran completed a research programme to create weaponised uranium in the summer of 2003 and that it could feasibly make a bomb within a year of an order from its Supreme Leader.

Considering the fact that Iran sent scientists to North Korea a few months ago, and shortly thereafter a successful launch was made, I can believe that Iran could have a nuclear warhead within twelve months. However, some part of me still thinks that Iran is well aware of the fact that Israel would decimate the country if Iran attacked Israel. Also, if I recall correctly, Iran depends greatly on its economic ties with Great Britain. It would be foolish to risk that. And we all know what would happen if Iran would attack us. We'd apologize for whatever we'd done to anger the Iranians.

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