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03 August 2009

Operation Helmet

Operation Helmet is a volunteer-run organization led by veterans to send shock-absorbing helmet pad kits to our deployed troops. The military currently issues the cheapest pads, which often lead to discomfort and fitting issues, and can jeopardize a mission or a military personnel's life if he has a headache and cannot focus on the mission, or if his helmet is too lose and falls off in case of an explosion. These "non-standard loose chin straps allows the helmet to be blown backward or forward and [act] as a 'scoop' for a blast wave, concentrating it inside the helmet with disastrous results on the brain" (OpHelm).
Operation Helmet has been able to send over 44,000 helmet upgrade kits, potentially saving thousands of lives and lowering the risk of TBI.

For the month of August, 10% of my income plus donations will be donated to Operation Helmet.

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