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21 August 2009

Trust in Obama and War Waning

Despite President Obama's attempts to prepare the American people for rising casualties in Afghanistan, a new poll shows most Americans see the war as a wasted effort.

Congressional lawmakers say this is a sign the president needs to make the war in Afghanistan a front-burner issue in his public addresses and do a better job explaining the stakes to the American public.

Though the war in Afghanistan is a clear priority for the president, the push for health care reform has dominated his public appeals. And when he does address Afghanistan, some lawmakers say, Obama is telling more than explaining.

"You can't just say it's the good war and trust me, because actually his trust factor is dropping. He's going to have to build a case for it," said Rep. Buck McKeon, R-Calif., ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll showed 51 percent of people say the war is not worth fighting. That sentiment was particularly high among members of the president's own party, with seven in 10 Democrats saying the war is not worth its costs.

Imagine that -- the American people aren't willing to trust a man with no military experience with a war, a war in which many of our brave men and women are sacrificing their lives (July saw the most casualties since the war began), a war that the Democrats, of all people, don't support. I would like to know how many Democrats have loved ones fighting this war.
I believe that healthcare, privatized healthcare, is an important issue. But I also feel that our current system is working, and we might want to turn our attention to something more pressing. Like a war. I would also like to see that poll conducted on Fox News or something other than WaPo and ABC.

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