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09 October 2009

Nobel Peace Prize - Why?

Today our President, Barack Hussein Obama, was given the Nobel Peace Prize. Mainly because the Norwegians hated George Bush and tried to snub him by giving this award to Mr. Obama. Over the years this prize has become very, very political, and it seems the Norwegians love socialism and liberalism. And since we have a president who seems to love the Europeans and the European society more than he does his own country, this award was bestowed on him.
Mr. Obama is a true American apologist. I have yet to hear of a speech he's made overseas in which he doesn't tear America down. Mr. Obama has joined the ranks of other Nobel Prize winners like: Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian terrorist - a real peacemaker; Kofi Annan, of the UN - another America hater; Jimmy Carter, another American apologist; and Al Gore, an environmental wacko. And this is just in the last 10 years! It's really too bad that the Nobel Peace Prize that once meant so much has now sunk so low. I fear for our country.

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