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01 December 2009

Withdrawal in 2011?

In Obama's Foreign Policy today, we discussed the fact that Switzerland has placed a ban on the building of more minarets. Don't ask me what that has to do with Obama's foreign policy. However, did spend some time talking about the 30,000 troops Obama plans to send to Afghanistan. My professor thinks General McChrystal is one of the least qualified men Obama should take advice from regarding the war, because has no experience in the area. Experts on the region, those who speak the native languages and know the history of the area, are better suited to make a decision about the war (which, by the way, is just like Vietnam -- it's an issue of not whether we'll lose the war, but under whose administration). I know I would definitely take the advice of a desk jockey with book smarts over that of a man with his boots on the ground. That's clearly the logical choice.

On another note of the same level of happiness, the semester ends in sixteen days and I have a rather large amount of work and studying to do between now and the start of finals on the 15th. Therefore, I will once again be intermittently posting, at least until the 18th, when finals end and I return home for six weeks.


  1. You're almost there!! And then you'll be able to say you made it thru that goofy and biased class with your sanity intact.

  2. Really, thinking we need more experts in the area speaking native language. Isn’t that what’s been going on so far. The true issue is mixing the politics with the war decision. That has been the issue since the Vietnam War. Stop having people who make decisions from wearing lace on their underwear is a start to getting the right thing done. People are upset cause statements have been made that ruffle feathers and there made without compromise to principles.